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Multiple Listins on Etsy App

I have the mulitple lisitng capability in my shop (thanks so much it's great!). When I go to edit my listings through my App though it still says it will charge $1.80 for the extra 9 listings. Is this just a glich with the app that will catch up or should I only edit for a larger amount directly through my shop?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Kylie,

Etsy's listing fee is $0.20 USD per quantity of one. This allows the item to be listed for four months. When a listing's "Quantity" is increased, the fee increases proportionally. For example, a listing with a quantity of four in stock would have a listing fee of $0.80 USD. To learn more about Etsy's fees please visit: www.etsy.com/help/article/2144.

This fee structure is not related to the app but a site policy. I'm going to move this over to Site Help in a few as it is not a bug.

Thanks for your response Leslie, but your answer doesn't make sense.

Didn't we just get rolled out to us a new feature where we only pay 20c per listing and where the 'Quantity' is increased we only get charged when the item sells and it automatically renewed??

To learn more about what I am trying to explain there is this blog post here:

This has already been rolled out to my shop. When I increase the 'Quantity' of my listing it does not charge me the extra 20c (which is great).

The bug I have reported is that when I do this on the App, the app is telling me that it will charge me the extra amount.

Can you let me know as per the new policy and feature if I need to increase my listing 'Quantity' directly through my shop to take advantage of the 'No Longer Pay for Quantity Up Front' feature or if the App will catch up eventually.

I use the app a lot and would love an answer to the actual question.

I would love an answer on this if possible as it seems to still be happening
Hi Kylie,

You do appear to be enrolled in the new fee structure. I'm betting this is an app problem. Do you get the standard .20 on your computer (regardless of quantity)? I assume you're using the iPhone Etsy app; did you happen to follow through on a listing and see if it was actually charged, or was it just the "warning" but it charged you correctly? Thanks for the extra info!
Hi Matt

Thanks for the response.

I have checked my bill after changing the quantity through the app and it doesn't appear to have charged me for the extra quantity. Hopefully it is just a 'warning' glitch, which I will now ignore but at least you know about it now.
Yes I am using the iPhone Etsy app.

Thanks again

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