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Can't Delete Convos

I check convos to be deleted. The message comes up saying deleted but they are still listed.

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Hi Everyone,

Just coming in to let you know our engineer pushed a fix for this!

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Hi Beverly,

Have you tried refreshing your browser page? That might just make those little hangers on disappear for you!

Same thing here...tried refreshing and it still doesn't work.
same thing as Beverly- and also my contacts (searching thru them) is still not working right. This has been going on almost 2 weeks now and I've posted a few times when all those convo issues were happening.

when I go to my contacts and sort recent, the recent one's are not there- maybe one or two but the majority of them do not show up. I use this method for treasury making and keeping track and it's a big mess.

can you keep us updated? I am happy to send you more detailed info. Thanks!
Still can't delete convos!
I'm having the same problem, I deleted a whole page of convo's, it said "20 conversations have been deleted" but they are still showing (but can't open them). The only way I have found to make them go away is to click on 'pg 2' of my convos and open one of the ones on that page, then when I go back to my inbox the deleted ones are actually gone. . . .
I am having the same issues. Tried on IE and Firefox and the same, won't delete convos
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:35 am May 23, 2012 EDT
I am also unable to delete or add to a folder
The system is also continuing to show conversation #s when they're gone. For instance, I see a "1" on my envelope. Click it to read it. Go back to my shop and the "1" is still there. I have to go back into convos again to get it to go away.
Let me rephrase and say that I see the "1" hanging when I've deleted a convo without reading it.

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