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Number of Treasury Comments not correct

This is not urgent but it still bugs me for some reason. :)

Every now and again I will have a treasury that will have more comments than the number being shown on my treasury list.

For example, www.etsy.com/treasury/NTI0MzEwMHwyNzIwMjc5OTUx/sunday-stroll
has 3 comments.

But this treasury only shows 2 comments on my list of treasuries: www.etsy.com/people/KisforCalligraphy/treasury

The third comment was left 2 days ago.

I have cleared my cache etc.
I wonder why this happens. I wonder if my treasury views and clicks are being counted correctly. Was this just one of the days the tech people were tinkering with the treasuries? Seems weird that one treasury is counted fine and another is not.

Any insight and speculation is appreciated and welcomed.
Thank you!
xo, Katy

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Hi Katy,

That is curious. You don't happen to remember any of the other instances of this do you? Thanks!
Hi Matt,
It happens every once and a while. But it eventually corrects itself.
And which is the reason I can't find another treasury of mine with the same bug.

I meant to post about it the other times but by the time I remembered to post about it the comment count was self-corrected.

It does happen though. Most of the time it is about 1 day delay.
Happening again.
New treasury. www.etsy.com/treasury/NTI0MzEwMHwyNzIyODU5OTk0/team-dad

Says it has 5 comments
It really has 6 comments

Still showing the wrong number of comments for the 2 treasuries mentioned above.
Hi Katy,

I do see what you mean. You mentioned it's typically a one-day delay? Let's keep an eye on that treasury you listed above and see if/when the numbers sync up so that I can report the details to our tech team. Thanks!

Sounds like a plan Audrey! :)
Audrey and Matt,
My Sunday Stroll treasury www.etsy.com/treasury/NTI0MzEwMHwyNzIwMjc5OTUx/sunday-stroll

finally changed to 3 comments.
It took 5 days to change from 2 comments.

Still keeping an eye on the other treasury. I will report back. :)
Audrey and Matt,
my Team Dad treasury just changed from 5 comments to 6 comments.

It took approx. 6 days for this change
and 5 days for the other treasury.

I really do not get why this should take so long?
And does this mean that my treasuries are stuck in some sort of time warp.
I do wonder why this happens and what is happening?
I know my treasuries have a fat chance in hell on making the FP but it would be nice to know that are given the same chance to do so.
I would love to catch this bug in the act and figure it out while it is happening.
My newest treasury says it has 6 comments when it really has 7:


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