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Something Strange In Shop Stats

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Inactive Etsy Member 5:49pm Jun 15, 2012 EDT
Bree from FreyasStudio says:

"Yes please and thank you! I had huge sales last week and all of a sudden the only activity in my shop is people putting up crime scene tape and watching the white outline where it died!"
I could have written this post, Bree.

I've been listing new items, like 25 or so of them in the past 2 days, renewing as I usually do, even having a sale & my stats are garbage, sales are stinkier garbage. My search stats are NOWHERE near where they usually are. Dying here...
I know folks are saying that it's the summer time but looking at other shops in my categories it's not dead yet. It's odd that everything would just suddenly stop. I'm hoping the outage tomorrow will be a magic band-aid.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:57pm Jun 15, 2012 EDT
Me too :D I'm actually quite excited about the outage for that very reason
Hi matt,

Instead of updating these activity feed issues again on the thread for today, thought I would push back up so you can see the problems with the activity feeds. Been wonky since May.
I would ask for a update, but I've come to realize the tech team don't care about this problem. Over the last year my activity feed has accounted for 10% of my views. I guess now you need to share your favorites on facebook to get views. I'm having a going out of business sale if anyone cares.

You have a wonderful shop. I know that it is very, very frustrating, not getting an answer to this problem. Believe me, over the past month, I have been very discouraged. As far as I understand it, I haven't read anywhere that FaceBook will be the only source for favorites. I am not on FaceBook or Twitter. Give it a little more time.

Admin, it has been several weeks now that the circles and activity feed hasn't worked properly. Is it coming back? It needs to be fixed or a clear communication saying that there has been a change and it won't be back.

At least then, those shop owners who need to move on can. What bothers me more than the problems experienced here, is the lack of communication shown.

Heres A link to the facebook info from the Etsy Blog www.etsy.com/blog/news/2012/sharing-favorites-with-friends/

It says that it is an "opt in" feature. I may be a little slow lately, but to me, it seems that the favorites haven't been changed. It's an additional function to the favorites????

My shop views are low too:( and I even paid to promote! My shop is like a ghost town right now...
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