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wonder how i can be sure my convos are being received?

hi there--just wondering if there's a way to know for sure that my convos are being sent out...have three sent that i really would have expected to have been answered by now, and that may well be a coincidence/holiday weekend/etc. thing, but thought i'd ask if there was a way to tell. :)

thank you!

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why don't you send one to me and I can let you know.
oh cool, thanks, christine! comin' up. :)
Nice, guys!
Hey Madamtartarsauce,

I don't know if you're referencing convos as a buyer or as a seller, so this might not apply but I thought I'd offer this help too:

A lot of my items are custom and once a person buys them, I need them to supply specific info so I can complete the order. On more than one occasion the buyers are first time Etsy customers, so they're not familiar with the whole convo format. If you check your receipts, it should not only list the Etsy user name, but their outside email address as well.
A few times I've sent a message to the outside email if I haven't heard back from a convo through Etsy. 99.9% of the time they didn't realize that they had messages waiting and just assumed that once they order the item, it's processed and sent immediately.
Hope this helps too!

thanks, christine, lo, and tye--dunno if christine got my convo yet but one of the three folks i HAD written (from whom i was waiting to hear) did write me tonight, so that's encouraging. :) tye, that's a great idea for me to keep in mind--i've heard of that very thing happening with buyers, yes. this was me convo'ing back potential buyers who had questions, but you never know, that scenario may one day come up. i'll remember your advice and thank you! :)
I've started having an issue with new buyers who don't verify their email address with Etsy when they sign up. They don't get convos if they haven't done this, so they don't even know I'm trying to contact them. It started in April and has happened at least 4 times.

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