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Activity feed stuck

My activity feed has been stuck at 22 for days. So, I never really know if there are new items in it or not.

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Still stuck. Anyone know how to fix it?
That's tough. Try checking your account on a different computer or a phone. At least that way you can figure out whether it's your browser or account.
Maybe it has something to do with the browser as you suggested (though it has always worked fine before a few days ago). I logged in from another computer and there is no new activity.
Hi there,

Thanks for reporting in bugs! I see activity in your feed as recent as 48 minutes ago. You may want to clear your cache and cookies if you haven't done that in a while. I don't see any browser conflict unless you're using IE7. Let us know how that works for you.

I am having the same continuing problem-- it's now been several weeks-- in all three of my shops when I unclick activity other than "me and my shop." See below my original post below from May 15th. At one point after posting Matt from Admin gave it what he called a "shove" and it came back and was briefly like normal. But within a short time it was back to just spinning and has remained that way. Once every few days a single a favorited item will show up from hours past. Oddly, two marketing bots-fake buyers showed up today as favoriting items (somehow they managed to break through!) But with those few exceptions, it's been weeks without the benefit of the activity feed.

Here is my old post-- nothing has changed:

>>I am still having the same problem with the activity feed (its now been about two weeks that this has been happening). While my stats show that there is activity for my shop ( views, favorites and treasuries,) hardly anything appears anymore if I unclick "my circle." Once in a while a single listing that was favorited hours ago will appear. But 99% of the time I'm getting only get a spinning wheel and the "Darn- there's no activity " message. This is a major change from what it was like up to a couple of weeks ago. The problem is that it makes it impossible for me to respond to treasuries unless the creator emails me. It negates most of the potential benefits of the whole circles and treasuries process if people have included my shop.<<
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:32am May 27, 2012 EDT
I posted about this problem a couple of weeks ago and again today in another thread. I have done all i can on my end. This is not a problem on my end!!!!! Please don't tell me to clear my cache. I have done that.
Others have also reported this problem. For me, it has also been weeks and several posts about it.

Since the function is there to help create avenues of exposure for one's items, it seems wrong that it is ongoingly un-usable for some sellers.

Should we just consider the activity feature to be permanently dysfunctional?

Checking in with an update: I just checked and the feed seems to be working now for this shop (I really hope it's permanently back !)

However, for our other two shops the only activity that appears for "me and my circle" are those of two bot-spammers-marketers that seemed to have hit the site a couple of days ago. When you click on their photos you get the "uh-oh" message. We know from the stats that there has been other activity. Before the "bots" came on, only the spinning wheel and the "Darn there's no activity" message appeared over the last few weeks.
Hi there,

Do remember that shop activity is integrated in to the Feed with all other stories, so an active circle can quickly push shop activity off the list. Also, this appears to be a problem with viewing your own shop activity, so others viewing their feeds will see your events normally. Meanwhile, you can track your shop activity with Shop Stats.

Shelley, your shop appears to be on vacation, so it's difficult to get any activity in that state which would appear in the Feed.

Brothertown, if you could post the shop names you are having trouble with, I can take a look. Thanks all!

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