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sales people posing as buyers

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Inactive Etsy Member 1:49 pm May 27, 2012 EDT
I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but there are some people using Etsy to market their web marketing businesses. They "favor" a lot of your items. When you click on their backgrounds, there is an advertisement for their business skills in helping Etsy sellers market their shops.

This is problematic because it skews your real viewer stats. I wish Etsy would kick these marketers off.

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Yeah really annoying I've reported at least 6
you guys are a few days late to the party!
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Inactive Etsy Member 12:51 am May 28, 2012 EDT
Apparently so. Until recently I've been so busy selling that I've never bothered to examine lookie-loos. Now that business is dead, I have time to look around the site.
Every site has these leaches. I once managed an international real estate web business and spend an aggravating amount of money filtering them out to protect clients. I assumed Etsy had a handle on this--a team assigned to constantly review profiles. Not so?

How big is the problem? Does anyone have stats on the number of page views impacted?
What prompted me to look at lookie-loos was the discovery that most of my views are repeat viewers from within Etsy---not new viewers from outside the site. A very bad sign.
So,what's the protocol for reporting spammers here? I'd like an idea of what my real page view numbers are--especially since business is so bad now.
We're working on it guys, thanks!
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:00 am May 28, 2012 EDT
Question: once a spammer is identified and booted, are all their page views deleted from our accounts so that are numbers are accurate?

Also, I have not received a marketing query through email, but I'm sure that happens, too. Where would I report this?
You can fwd "bad" emails to our support team for further assistance:

We're working on your first question. News soon!
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:40 am May 28, 2012 EDT
do you filter bots from results?

sorry for all the questions. my store has been an entertaining hobby these past few months, but ---as business just took an incredible nose dive ---I now need to get some basic info about how this site is set up. I asked in an earlier thread about getting more detailed data on site-wide sales for creating product and marketing strategy, but didn't get much info back. It doesn't appear my individual web analytics are accurate. So I'm stuck. My plan at this point is to keep doing general social media marketing with small investments in my product area and see what happens for awhile longer.
I don't know how Etsy interfaces with Google/Facebook's neuro-network search personalization, but I assume that it's having a pretty heavy impact within Etsy.
Lo, thanks for working on this. It's clogging up the activity feed. These members have a perfect right to fave any items but it's a 'slimy' practice. I wish we could block certain users from favoriting (soley for thie reason).

I've not heard of anyone getting spam like this thru actual emails or convoes. Wish I did do you could boot them off.

There were several threads about this yesterday. Etsy has shut them down as quickly as they could. Then they open again under another name. Check yesterday's threads and you will understand.

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