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Fee Update notice

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Thanks for the reports guys. Our team has been notified.
How about fixing these 'hmmm' issues, instead of having people try this that and the other thing to tiptoe around? If it's broke, fix it. We shouldn't have to change browsers or try clicking on favorites to fix Etsy's site glitches.
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Inactive Etsy Member 1:15 am May 28, 2012 EDT

Sometimes they are *not* glitches in the site. Some features will not work in all browsers and sometimes, it is the browser being a pain in the rear. I've come in to find Chrome won't let me list items, but Firefox will, yet an hour later, Chrome works just fine again.

It is standard tech support procedure when troubleshooting anything that is wrong with a website to ask the user to switch browsers. I even get this from my web host for my blog. The reason they do it is that it may not really be broken, it could be your browser being a pain in the rear.
It's also good to know if the issue is specific to a single browser and/or what sort of member side "fixes" actually work. It's all a part of gathering the necessary information to address the glitch effectively. Our objective is to resolve the issue. We often ask members to try a few things to help us understand the scope of the issue. Thanks!
Thanks, Matt. I've been more than just a little grouchy @ Etsy lately & should have worded that a little nicer; it's just frustrating that there have been so many 'glitches' and changes lately here on Etsy.
Personally, I don't want to install different browsers on my computer just to conduct tests. I'm glad there are other folks out there who will do all that work for free so that Etsy can resolve issues for it's sellers, but I'd rather pay a little more in selling fees & have more professionals handling the site's growing pain glitches.
so, I still can not get rid of the fee update notice on my FP, there when I log in every single time. Please tell me how to get rid of it.
Is this notice ever going to go away?

I still see it every time I log in, and on both FireFox and IE. No X to remove it, and clicking the links within the notice doesn't deactivate it.
I have the fee update notification too, no x to disregard and close it. It does only show up for me on the etsy home page when I first log in though. I am on IE9
still showin' up with me....any fix yet admini?
Well, I see exactly what you mean! I'm not completely sure how long this info will be posted at the top of the page but we can find out. Sorry for the annoyance!

Thanks for reporting in bugs!

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