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Images in search bar

Some searches are yielding blank pictures, others seem to show images not precisely related to the search.

As it happens, my personal opinion is that this looks very cluttered, and also decreases the number of options for search terms that are readily visible in a drop down menu. I also feel that it is likely to deter buyers, since if the one image isn't what they had in mind, they are likely to abandon their search instead of browse. Therefore, I do hope that this feature won't stick around.

However, if Etsy is set on keeping this feature, I think it still needs debugging.

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Hi Jennifer,

Could you explain in a bit more detail, please? Would these be the first row of images at the top of a search? Are the blanks scattered throughout the results? If you could provide the url of the search or a screenshot, that may help me as well. You can send screenshots to community@etsy.com. Thanks!
Sorry if I didn't explain it clearly enough! I'm referring to the new feature that I just saw today--when you type in a search in the search bar, next to th suggested phrases that appear in the drop-down menu, you get an image, just one single image, next to each of the suggested phrases. Its sort of a klutzy feature, in my opinion, but if Etsy's committed to it, they should ensure that it works right!

Thanks for the tip about the screenshots! Didn't know about that!
Hi Jennifer,

Looks like you have discovered one of our testing methods.

In order to gather data about whether a proposed change will be effective in helping buyers find items, we conduct experiments with a small number of visitors.

You can read more about these experiments here: www.etsy.com/teams/7716/announcements/discuss/7612087/

Thanks! And I'll pass along your thoughts to the team.
Aha! Good to know. I hope the feedback was helpful.

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