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Issue with Treasury Feature in Activity Feed

Twice today I have gotten a notice in my activity feed that an item of mine was featured in a treasury but when I click on the treasury, my item is not included. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Gayle, can you provide me with the link to the Treasury and I can take a look at this for you.
Here's the first treasury along with a link to the item that was supposedly included:


And here's the second one:

Thanks for your help!
OK, what it looks like happened, your Item was originally added to the Treasury, but then taken off. It will still appear in your AF as a record, even if the Items were eventually removed from the Treasury.
That happened to me a couple weeks ago, I just figued it was a mistake on the curator's part who may have (and did) favorite an item but it didn't make it to the treasury. All slots were full.
Thanks! That's weird that it happened twice in the same day and I've never seen it before.
It happens when the curator SAVES the treasury before they've finished. Usually to stop it all disappearing suddenly as they sometimes do.

If the curator of the treasury saves the treasury while working on it (so as not ot lose the work already done) , those items already selected for inclusion in the treasury will appear in those shop's activity feed at that point.

However, if the curator decides at some point further during the curation that there is a 'better fit' for the treasury and removes said item, the activity feed notification is still there.

So its not really a 'bug', but rather the way the 'save' feature on the treasury feeds to the activity feed.
Ahhh, now I see. I save my treasuries too but I always mark them for "my eyes only" until I'm ready to publish it.


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