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quantity listing drop down

There seems to be no drop down for quantity on my items today. I have multiples of most things listed, but I can't see how a buyer can add quantities to their cart without the drop down. It was there yesterday. Can buyers see the drop down for quantities in my shop? Anyone want to do me a favor and check?

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I see quantities Shannon. If you have a specific example of an item, I'll be happy to check on that as well.


Hi Audrey,
Thanks for checking. I checked about 8 listings and I didn't see the drop down in any of them, but as long as my buyers can see it, I'm okay. For example, when I look at this listing, I don't see a drop down for quantity

I was sure I could see it before now, so had a panic thinking it wasn't working.

Thanks for your help.
Shannon, when I look at that listing I see you have 23 available - when I add it to my cart I have the drop down to change the quantity:) All is good!
(and aren't you LOVING the new quantity option - I'm still trying to get all of my listings edited, but it is working out just great!)
Thanks for checking for me Bobbi! I'm relieved to know it's all okay. I could have sworn the drop down was available in the listings before though. Am I crazy?

Yes, I am really loving it. I'm still working on mine too, but am almost done. It has been a lot of work, but so worth it. I've been thinking about you and wondering how you're making out with it. It's a challenge, with so many listings to change isn't it?

Great to hear you like this feature. Everything looks okay on this end Shannon, with the correct quantity appearing, but if you are able to take a screen shot of what you are seeing on your end, I'll be happy to pass it along and make sure all is working as intended.



I know - I have seen some listings that have the drop down right in the listing, but most don't. As long as it works at checkout I guess that's all that matters - and it appears to be working just great!
I imagine I'll still be weeks trying to get my listings all changed, but I'm not going to sweat it:)

Audrey, I love to give Etsy kudos for all their great features, and this one is the best one ever! (besides, hopefully it makes up for all the griping I've been doing on the Google Shopping thread lol)

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