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Stats haven't changed all day


I seem to be invisible. Low views is bad. No views is scary. That's where I am.

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Hi Patricia,

Your shop has had 17 views today, and while that isn't an earth shattering amount it does prove that shop stats are not on the fritz. You may want to try social media if you haven't done that already.

To connect your Facebook profile to your Etsy account, first ensure that you are signed out of Facebook in the same browser. Then go to the top right corner, click Your Account > Settings, and select "Connect to Facebook." You'll be prompted to sign back into Facebook, then click "Add to Facebook" and select who can see your activity generated using this app. Don't worry, we won't post anything unless you want us to. You'll be returned to the Your Account > Settings page on Etsy and it will display "Connected as [your name]."

To connect your Facebook page to your Etsy shop, go to Your Shop > Info & Appearance and select "Link a Facebook Page with your shop."

After connecting, the number of likes your shop receives on Etsy will be reflected on your Facebook page. Also, when you post new listings on Etsy, you will be able to publish them to your Facebook page.

Hope this helps!
Thank you. I changed browsers and am now using google chrome. Hope that helps with viewing stats. I'm linked to FB. This is my second shop, basically same msde. Problem is, I closed the other one because it's integrity was compromised by an unscrupulous marketer. Now, I'm starting all over but with the new name, my syndication is stopped and I had over 30 sales. it's very discouraging. Any suggestions, please. Thanks again.

I have had 2 views all day which is way "off" for my listings, and I uploaded a new listing today. I got the same readings in two browsers. Am puzzled, but maybe the "world" left for the weekend early today!
Hi Joann. A few days ago there was somebody in China who's shop was up to 15,000 views for the day and she wasn't complaining but she thought something might be wrong. I still have a lot of items to post and stopped my search ads because it felt like I was just spinning my wheels. How many views do you normally get on a good day?

I have 415 listings and only 6 views from google.com
Patricia, with you being such a new shop, I'd suggest that you do a little bit of marketing outside of Etsy to get yourself known.

If I'm listing new items each day and doing regular marketing my views (and sales) will reflect that.

However, when I'm not marketing my views will drop as well.
K. Joann Russell and Esmeralda D,

It looks like your Stats are fine and healthy today, as per Leslie's post, using social media is a free and great way to bring in additional traffic to your Shop especially on the days when views are lower for you. Try that out to see if you notice a difference in traffic?
Thank you. Will take your suggestions to heart. The stats have completely changed in the last hour. I think switching browsers was the ticket. Never was able to get Google Chrome working right before but I think it's fixed. The trick was downloading Explorer eight and then Chrome. Never worked right with Seven.

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