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Convo Problems

I've had 2 customers recently state that they have sent me convos but I have not received them. They are related to transactions:


Can you please check into it? They sent the conversations to me in the last couple of days.


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I have had the same problem...try to attach a pic to a convo to show a different view, but the message will not go through...do not know what to do except send it regular e mail
Dee ... many folks mistakenly reply to the convo notice using their e-mail rather than the convo system (and of course those messages go nowhere).

How do you know they replied to you?
@David & Christina ... One of the persons told me by email as I followed up with them on an order. Another one mentioned to me in a convo when I sent her a follow up message.

Hi Dee,

I resent both of those transaction emails to you. Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see them in a bit. Let us know if you do!

Much thanks!
Hi Leslie,

I received both of the transaction emails. The problem was with convos. They are both stating they sent me convos, but I didn't get them.

Just wanted to let you know.

Oh sorry Dee! If you can send me details, names/dates, of the convo's in question then I can check into that. Send to community@etsy.com.

Thanks much!
Yes I have had the same problem. I have had two customers in the last few weeks state (via email) that they had sent me convos - but I never received them. Then today I received a convo notification email - but the convo itself is not visible in my etsy shop. I'm concerned that there may be others that I have missed and do not know about - it kinda makes us sellers look like we're not responsive - not good.
Sad to see that this is happening again. Now I don't know if a seller doesn't respond to me, if it's because they just aren't responding, or if they just aren't getting the convo.

I hate to have to resend when I'm not sure what is going on. Very frustrating!
Same thing happened to me a while back, I never received the convos from the customer~

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