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Search issue with filters

I've been having this issue for about a week now. I use the most recent version of IE.

Whenever I search for something under a category like handmade or supplies, it works fine. But if I put a price filter on it or filter it to show only results from U.S. shops, the search changes to All Items. Then if I click it back to the category I want the filter sometimes disappears, so I have to go through the whole process again.

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Just bumping this because it's an annoying issue for me.
Hey Tori!

Please try clearing your cookies and cache and restarting your computer and give it another go. If that doesn't work out, please try updating your browser.
But it's doing the same thing on both computers...

I hate clearing out all that stuff because it clears out my passwords too.
I did all that anyway and the issue is still there.
Thanks, Tori!

What browsers are you experiencing this in?
Just IE. It works in Chrome but IE is my browser of choice.
Okay, thanks for the report, Tori.

We'll wait to see how many reports we get on this and I will put in the new with my team.
Is anyone else having this issue? I still am.
Just tried it and I'm having the same issue. Goes right back to all items if you use a price or location filter.

I have the latest version of IE.

Is this what's also happening from the finds emails? in reverse? When I click on an item it presets the filters and I get a fraction of the number of items available.

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