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Items are not showing up in a search

Hi all. I'm a new seller who just opened her shop around 3am today. I posted a bunch of photos of my items last night, but now I can't find several of them in a search. I'm in Boston so I specifically searched "birds nest necklaces" and any other combination of that phrase I could think of for Boston and only 8 results appeared: none of which were mine. : / Strangely, when you search the term for everywhere and add "copper" one of my pendants appears. Although I am selling mainly birds nest pendants I have tried entering all kinds of tags including birds nest pendant and birds nest necklace to enable people to search for me. But it doesn't seem to be working.

I read that sometimes this happens and it can take a little while for stuff to appear in a search, but it's been over 12 hours now. Is there some kind of bug or glitch or do I need to change a tag or category?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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I was able to find all of your nests in search.

3 are in these results:

one here:

and the other here:
Hi Annie,

I made a small adjustment and I think you'll find your items appearing now. Let us know if you have further trouble. Thanks!
Fabulous! Thank you to both of you! :)
i have the same problem too...new to esty, created the shop a couple of days ago, but seems like my products are not showing up, i've tried, ipad case, ipad sleeve, laptop sleeve, laptop case?! and i've clicked items from australia? any ideas? thanks heaps in advance
I also have had trouble with this. Ill search for the terms in my tags and my item wont appear at all. Im new but not that new. Its as though the words you use as your tags are redundant and only your titles matter.
Ive also been reading about peoples views dropping off significantly. I wonder if this has something to do with it.
Shunky, I was able to find your Items here:


theresatron, here's yours within search:
I was having problems with my listings now showing up and Jana and Angela were very helpful. After I tweaked my titles, not all of my shell listings are showing up under supplies.

Matt or Marie Kelly could you look into this for me like you did for Annie? Of any of the other admins who are reading these forums, I would appreciate it. I'd like to list more items, but I'm not sure what's wrong.

For example, last night under supplies, I did a search for natural sea shells and only 15 out of the 18 items were listed. I also did a search under supplies for natural seashells and 2 items were missing out of the 18.

Please let me know what's wrong or if it something on Etsy's side.

Thank you,

Ellen, can you provide me with the listing #'s of the items that aren't showing for you when you search natural sea shells and I would be happy to take a look at them for you.

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