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"Preview" of my About me page erased all my entries.

I just spent the last 2 hours finding photos, writing captions, and when I went to "preview" all but one of the "shop" photos appeared. All the rest I had written, uploaded the past two hours was gone.

I AM PISSED!!!!!!!

It appears this feature is not ready? Or perhaps Etsy only supports their chosen browser versions?

What's going on????!!!!!!

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Hey Runz!

Just saw your posts over in SH.

The problem is happening when people don't have an owner. So if you enter a member, then delete it, then add another one but don't choose "owner" as the role, the whole form breaks.

We are working on a quick fix. Sorry for the troubles.

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and when I tried to preview again, EVERYTHING disappeared!!!!!

all the typing.

all the frikkin typing.

Please tell me that's not true and that you can give me a link as to where it is?
It says "It looks like you have not completed your Shop About information. Please take a moment and complete this form."

But I filled it all in, including picture and name and role. and shop pictures (5) and captions. and bio and how I started.

It's gone. When I hit "preview".
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Runz, are you saving the first part, the one where you post your personal photo and a short bio? Then completing the rest of the page?

I saved the first part, then went on to do the bottom.

Hope you get it figured out. Maybe put in your info, then copy/paste to wordpad before saving. At least you won't lose the info if it doesn't work.
Yeah, I tried to publish the first part, and it disappeared once, saying I didn't have the bio filled in. Fine I filled in the bio, and then the other slots came up, so I filled them in.

I had assumed that the first time they disappeared it was a mistake on my part. That's why I hit "Preview" the second time -- so I would not lose them!!!

I never imagined that Etsy would not be functional. So, no, I didn't save it in a text file.
20 minutes and fuming.

SInce it failed on me twice, I want to find out why and not waste my time again? Has this been tested on other browsers and versions thereof?
Wow, so sorry to hear you are having problems. Hopefully Admin will jump in soon! I would be fuming as well if I had put all that work into something that just went *POOF*.

*hugs* and a stiff drink coming your way. :)
I had the very same problem..there was no save button..just add another member..and it is all gone..I am a bit annoyed too. I saved all to a word doc..but still arggggggggg....
Thanks! I need one.

I was so excited. now I'm pretty ticked!

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