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About Page: Images rearranging on their own.

OK, gremlins are definitely crawling around in the about me form. LOL

No big deal, but thought you should know.

So I put in 4 images with captions. 2 of the images are related so I put them one after the other.

I viewed the page, they weren't in the order I'd put them in. Went back to edit, and sure enough, they had rearranged themselves. So I deleted and put them back in the right order. Happened again! but rearranged themselves in a different order than before.

They ARE staying with the correct caption, so that's a good thing.

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Hi Lori,

That sounds like something that needs attention. Could I ask you to try an experiment? Could you upload a 5th image and see if that prevents the others from rearranging? Either way, I'll let the team know about this, but I do wonder if it would make a difference. Thanks!
Matt, I'm having the same problem.

I've added pics of my pottery process and they need to be in order to make sense but they keep rearranging. There's no way to reorder them and I've deleted and reloaded with the same results. The first four will stay in order when I preview it but when I load the last one, which is the finished product, it shows up in the 3rd position. Aargh!

I haven't even tried the captions yet. One headache at a time, please.
Carolyn -- Do you have 5 images as Matt suggested? If so, I won't bother experimenting.
Sorry I didn't check back sooner.

Yes. They stay in order until I add the 5th one.
It seems to be working fine now. I guess they fixed it.
Hi Carolyn,

Could you test out on a different browser to see if you still experience this? Give Chrome or Safari a try...
I'm having the same issues and I'm using Chrome
I'm unable to recreate on my end, I was able to do this in Firefox, could you test out Firefox, Poppy?
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Inactive Etsy Member 8:24 pm Jun 8, 2012 EDT
same thing happened to me, I went back and reedited the order,
so far so good. It would also not let me download a photo with lots of white around because I did not want it to be cropped, it kept cropping the bottom half no matter what, so I put another pic.

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