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I had 10 pictures in "About"

That's right! I had about 10 photos uploaded to the new "About" section.

The major bummer is...now they're gone!!

Which leads me to ask: how many photos are you allowed to upload?

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WTF? I uploaded the key pictures that I thought said the most about my process...and two disappeared? One was replaced with one that disappeared.

I did see the "whoops glitch" info blurb about too many pictures etc in the About section. There's still a bug??
Stranger still, the photos that I added again, have the old captions.
Hey atomicblue,

We are still working out a few issues with the About page, in the meantime, it should be 5 photos to upload: www.etsy.com/help/article/2663
Ok! It's wonky-licious. I love the feature. How about merging it with the Profile page :)
Good suggestion, atomicblue and rad avatar, btw:)
Mine only accept 2 images although there is space for 5? I see the whoops pop up, does this mean some folks are going to get less images than others? It's hard to give an idea of ones environment with just a couple of snaps...you know what they say, a picture tells a 1000 words!
Btw, I love this feature, it would be cool if the shop members would scroll too, or we could re arrange the staff order in the edit section by dragging, instead of deleting and re loading/typing descriptions etc

Go Etsy! Our store is number one in NZ for jewelry over $20! Rolling on towards 1500 sales!!!

J (:
I hate to say it, but if we can only use 2 images for the about section it's seems those who got in first got to have 5 on their about section........2 images? wheres the interest? Cmon Etsy!
The 5 images on EACH listing is such a cool feature. Please fix this one, I spend a $1000+ bucks a year in Etsy sales commission and re listing and feel a bit short changed,(if its fixed I take it all back of course)

Cheers, J (:
Hi jewelsvine,

Everyone should have the ability to add 5 photos. Let's start by having you try in a different browser. I'd like to know if you can see all 5 at all. Thanks!
I know we only get 5 picture BUT while we are talking about it admin I would LOVE to be able to put 10 pics some day. I used up all 5 showing process... I would love to be able to add a few personal and studio.

Think about in the future maybe giving us the option to put a few more???

Edited to say I LOVE this new about feature btw and am having SO much fun reading everyone's!

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