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Shipping Profiles - Country Order?

Has something changed in the last two days regarding shipping profiles and the order the countries are listed in? In my shipping profiles, I have the US, Canada and Everywhere Else. The order the countries used to be in when I selected a shipping profile was the US, Canada, and Everywhere Else, the original order I listed them in. As I was listing today, Canada was coming up first, then the US and Everywhere Else. Thankfully I caught the change so I could go back in and correct the shipping rates.
I use Priority Mail domestically and First Class Mail typically for international orders, so my Canada rates are usually lower than the rates to the US (I am shipping from the US). Perhaps the system noticed that my rates to Canada were lower, and assumed I was entering them in the wrong field, assuming the lowest shipping rates would be domestic, and automatically corrected it.
Whatever the case, something changed and it is either a glitch, or something that should be looked into. Had I not noticed, some of the buyers would have been paying too much, others too little.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that this would affect. Just wanted to bring some attention to it.


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Just wanted to bring this issue up again, as it is still happening. In my original shipping profiles, I listed the US first, followed by Canada and Everywhere Else. Anytime I listed an item, up until this month, that is how the countries ordered themselves. Now, Canada is ordering itself first for some reason.

Did something change? Just want to make sure folks are aware of this, as I had been listing as usual, not aware that the order had changed. Hopefully others are noticing this as well, and not inadvertently putting in the wrong amounts for the shipping rates.

If Canada is coming up first, check to see what country it says you ship FROM. The "from" country has always come up first, so perhaps it thinks you are shipping from Canada now?

For what it is worth, I just checked mine and nothing has changed: it is still from the US and shown as US/Canada/Everywhere Else.
Hi fabledfancy,

I haven't heard of this happening before. If it's still happening could you possibly grab a screen shot for us? Details on how to do that are here if you need them: take-a-screenshot.org/. Then send it along to community@etsy.com. This would be a big help.

Much appreciated!
@Allyn: Thanks for looking into this. I'm glad you are not experiencing the same issue - perhaps it is not happening to a lot of folks, or any other folks. All of my shipping profiles list "Ship From" as the US.

@Leslie: I've checked the issue again and it is still happening, so I've gone ahead and emailed the screenshots and additional info. Thanks for looking into this. Please let me know what you find, if anything.

Kind Regards!

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