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Rearranging "Featured Items" in my shop

I rearrange my featured items frequently for variety and sometimes have a long list waiting to be moved up.

I used to be able to move an item up or down the list more than once space by clicking on the up or down buttons the same number of times (at once) as the lines I wanted it moved up/down. Ex. Wanted to move up 3 spaces toward top, I would click 3 times and it would move 3 x. Now it only moves one slot at a time. :-(

Is this a bug???

Please bring back our ability to move up or down multiple spaces with multiple clicks on one screen. It is such a time saver !!!

SUGGETION: Add a button in each listing for us to select the star from the listing rather than search through the long list in order to place the item on our featured list? Right now in my shop I have to go through so many pages to find the item I want to feature. Very time consuming for a shop with 500+ items in it.

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Hey Lynn, are you using the click and drag method on your Shop rearrangement tool?
Marie -

I am not talking about rearranging my shop. I am talking about the order of the 4 featured items. I have four featured items and then I have several others below, so that if one of the four sells, another will takes it's place in the "Featured Section" at the top of my shop.

There is no click and drag method on my screen for selecting the order of the featured items. I go to Your Shop and then click on the Featured tab. The only options offered are up or down for each item. Multiple clicks at one time would move it up/down multiple times. Now even though I click 3 times, it only moves it up or down one time.

I am using Google Chrome.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:16am Jun 10, 2012 EDT
I've never seen a 'click and drag' feature available for rearranging the featured items in a shop.

And there's no mention of it here either.

I too like to have a number of items selected as 'featured items' so that its easier to change them up regularly.

But its not even allowing the multiple clicks for me either. Its simply a single click at a time.

It would be extremely useful if we could drag them around like we can with our section titles. That would be really cool!
This has gone from bad to worse! Now when I click on the up button more than once, the item disappears from the list!

I am trying to rotate my items for men several times a day for Father's Day and this problem is really not helping.

I certainly would appreciate a response from Admin since Mary Kay seems to have disappeared (perhaps her days off).
Mary Kay? I'm unable to recreate this on my end using Chrome. You may want to clear out your cache and cookies on Chrome:



* If you continue to experience issues with changing the position of your Featured listings, give Firefox or Safari a shot to see if that makes any difference.
OOPS...Sorry I called you Mary Kay. It was late in the evening and I must have been thinking about removing cosmetics from my face before retiring. LOL! (Mary Kay cosmetics) Let's try again..

Hi - Mary Kelly. Thanks for stopping back in. I am not sure from your earlier response if you are understanding what I tried to report as a bug. I may not have used the correct "techie" terms.

So, let me see if I understand what you tried to recreate when addressing my problem. You went to your featured items tab and added, as an example, 10 items from your shop to the featured list. 4 of them would appear at the top of your shop in the featured section. Now you want the item on the bottom of the list to be the first item in your list. So you click on the UP BUTTON that is next to the last item 9 time and it moves up 9 times for you. Is that correct? If it only moved up one slot then you have recreated my problem and you understand the BUG that I am talking about.

In the past, using Google Chrome or any other browser, the item would move up the same number of slots as the number of times the UP BUTTON was clicked. IT NO LONGER DOES THAT! It only moves up one slot and last night when I clicked more than once, the item DISAPPEARED from the list. Obviously a BUG.

It always worked in the past no matter what browser I used. I always clear my cachet, log out, and log back in to ETSY, PRIOR to reporting a bug in the forum and most times I will try a second browser.

I am not the only one experiencing this problem. As "crochetgal" stated above,

"But its not even allowing the multiple clicks for me either. Its simply a single click at a time. "

Would you please write a ticket and pass this along to your technical team. I certainly would appreciate it.

Oh Lord, I did it again. I must have a bug in my head about your name. Sorry, Marie Kelly. It was intentional.
My "rearrange" won't work..keep getting an error message...
My appreciation to the technicians at Etsy for fixing this problem. It seems to be back to normal since the entire site was taken down and brought back up. I appreciate your efforts!

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