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Hi Kat,

Some members are still experiencing an issue with the convo notification numbers sticking, so it seems you have a new convo when you actually do not. If you haven't received an email about a convo and don't see any new convos, that is likely the issue. Remember, you can always check your Orders page or Shop Stats to see if there are any new sales. Thanks!
Hi Matt,
Thanks for the update.
My convo notification number is still showing "1". Will this go away anytime soon? Thanks
I have a different problem I have been receiving convos through my email only for the last few days. They do not show up on the envelope in my shop. This is not really a problem for me as I keep my email account open all day and can see new ones coming in but not every one does this.
Hi Sue,

Are you saying you do receive the convo notification email, but you do not receive the actual convo on your Etsy convo page? Would you mind forwarding an email notification or two so we could investigate this, please? Send it to community@etsy.com. Thanks!
If you have more than one page of undeleted convos check the next page to see if there is one....mine was on the 3rd page....
Thanks Traci. I checked each page and on page 7 was a message dated April 24, 2011. It looked like spam. Said someone about being filmed. ?? I reported it as such and the "1" went away. Strange
Hi Matt
have just sent you my last convo email.
Got it, thanks. So it *does* appear in your convos. That's good. There have been some issues with the notification numbers. We are looking into it. Thanks!

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