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Duplicate listing showed up

I edited a listing to change the order of pics. This is the most recent: www.etsy.com/listing/101324721/misty-bouquet-bobby-pins
Then I noticed this listing, with the original order of pics and the listing date was back in Feb. I made these in June... www.etsy.com/listing/89442706/misty-bouquet-bobby-pins
What is going on?

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Perhaps a bug, just edit it
HI Liz,

Looks like that listing was significantly edited. It used to be the Valentine Bouquet Bobby Pins. I was able to track it from a transaction in January. Hope that helps!
Hi Matt, thanks for checking.
There are two, though and I only made one. And most likely used the Valentine Bobbies as a copy for a base for the new listing. This happened after I edited the pic order on the one on on top. Look at the views on both...it's weird. Now that I think of it, this has happened before on another listing where I changed the pic order.
Ann, there are two listings and I only made one. They have different sets of views. My guess is that the copy I used reasserted itself somehow as a renewed listing when I edited it?
OK, here's what I think happened (ala Monk)...I copied a listing from a sold item as a base for a new item. When I subsequently edited the listing again, it renewed the original sold listing, and so I have two.

Also...I searched my sold items for the original valentine bobbies the new listing was copied from and it shows as being sold, yet not sold out. The listing is not in my shop, inactive or expired lists. I have only been charged for my original listing (the top one), and not the other one.
I think you took an old item and edited it into a completely new item. This is, generally, not a great idea. Not only do we ask you not do that, but as you can see, it can cause lots of unexpected issues. It can even cause a renew sold to acquire old properties that you can't get rid of. It also makes it hard to track items over time. Glad we figured it out though. Have a good night!
Thanks again Matt though I don't think I did...look at the views on the top listing as opposed to the old one. I think there's a bug in the copy/sold items.
Or are you saying I shouldn't copy items at all to save time and I should make each new listing from scratch?
and...now that I reread your post, why would I renew sold an item that's completely different from the original?
I looked up that item and checked its transactions and found that it sold in this one: 68770877 on Jan 4. Looking up that transaction and matching the listing number it shows it used to be known as "Valentine Bouquet Bobby Pins - FREE shipping." That listing number was originally created last December. That's why it has significantly more views; it's been around much longer and acquired most of the views in it's previous state.

Copying items is fine. But changing an existing listing to a completely new item is a different matter. Hope that helps. Thanks!
I copied it...which is why the top listing shows 9 views, and not 104 views as the bottom listing does...the second listing popped up out of nowhere as far as I know. Note where it is in relation to my listings, as in it's on the last page...It's not a renew sold with massive edits. If that were the case it would be towards the front of my pages where newer listings reside.
Plus, in my sold page, the listing still shows the original pink and white pins, not the ones that are on the copied listing. If that helps.

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