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Is this a national discrimination case by Etsy team?

I don't know what else we have to do or say to get attention..

Here are the threads on the issue from MARCH and APRIL.

Posted at 2:40 pm Mar 10, 2012 EST

Posted at 4:05 pm Apr 11, 2012 EDT

Thank you sincerely for all the amazing new features (honestly and irony-free!), but could you PLEASE fix the search filters before you make any more new changes?

Can we ask to FIX old bugs before introducing and fighting the new ones?

Now please look at this search:

I chose "felted slippers" because most of those are from Lithuania and it illustrates the problem well.
If we choose to filter by location, Lithuanian items DO NOT SHOW either in "Europe" or "Lithuania". No wonder the European buyers are so few and far between :/

This BUG is affecting thousands of items! PLEASE put us back on map!

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Hi Laura,

We do apologize. It is a frustrating issue, I know. We have had ongoing issues with local search and are committed to making it a much better experience for everyone. We will keep you updated on our progress. Thanks very much.
Please can you also look at the lack of 'ships to' in etsy weddings and the search adds. As a buyer outside of the US these issues and Lauras are very important
I am glad Etsy is aware of this Matt. I am a great admirer of the artisans out of Eastern Europe, if have a lot of shops out of there among my favorite shops. And I noticed too that search doesn't properly works when I am shopping for wet felted items.

What I don't understand is that the suggestion for local shopping for my searches always is Leiden in the Netherlands, a very small town. I live in Rotterdam, the second largest city of my country :o)
Claiming National Discrimination?
that is a rather harsh accusation to make...no wonder there will never be a chance for peace in the World......
Thank you Laura!
Thank You Laura
Thank You Laura!
Thanks for the heads up, Matt!

It's been 3 months since this huge and hairy bug was first spotted, so it's incredibly frustrating to see it still very much alive and happily crawling around :/

I'm happy to see the name of the country fixed though - thanks for that! The "republic" bit was very weird. I hoped it would fix the problem too, but it looks like the problem is larger than the mismatched names in the database.

Please, please bump this bug up on the list of priorities!

It affects not only the sellers' visibility, but the shopping experience too. Especially the fact that we do not exist in "Europe" - lots of shoppers in Europe, myself included, do use EU filters to see what's available closer to home and import VAT free (especially for the more expensive purchases).

Thank you!
Update: we still have "republic" popping up in:

"Browsing 2,226 items in Handmade in Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania."

But also a good sign - local search now recognizes towns.

Could this still be a country name mismatch that's causing the problem with country and European search??

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