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Inactive Listings Moving to Expired

I have inactive items mixing with my expired items.

I searched the forums and couldn't find the exact answer. Here are my examples:


I make OOAK items so I would rather not delete them. I prefer to use the inactive descriptions as a base for other new items and renew the expired items. I would love to keep them separate.

Please help.

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:00 pm Jun 14, 2012 EDT
The clock is ticking even on inactive items. They'll still expire when 4 months is up.
Hmmm, interesting. I've been selling on Etsy for five years and never had this happen until now.
Hey Shannon,

Indeed these Inactive listings are now Expired! As Bethie hinted at above, they do have a life length.

To save time listing similar items in your shop, we suggest using the copy function on your listing page. If you want to copy an active listing, click Your Shop > Listing and the "Active" tab. Then click the "Copy" link to the right of the listing's section.

If you want to copy a sold listing, click Your Shop > Sold Orders and then click the "Copy" link under the order information.

You can also copy a listing straight from the listing or transaction page in your public shop. When viewing this page, a set of "Listing Tools" will appear at the top of the page. Click the "Copy" link to access the copy function. As the shop owner, these links are only visible to you when you're signed into your Etsy account. For more information on copying listings, please visit: www.etsy.com/help/article/353

Hope this helps!
This made me panic because I've saved inactive listings that were deactivated as I gave them as a bonus on another order (when I give a free cookbook for buying 3, for example) or used as a replacement for something that arrived broken, or something that broke after listing, etc.

I went to my inactive section and I do have items as far back as July and August of 2010 that are still there. They have not expired and I would not want these items to move to the expired section.

The reasoning being that if I find a similar item the listing is already ready to go and I can reactivate it if and when I ever find said items. If they go into my expired section, in my mind, I've got something expiring that no longer exists in my inventory and I do have a reason for keeping them in their place.

I realize that they would have to be charged as a whole new listing but I would so appreciate it if they would stay in the inactive section.
Thanks for the suggestions Leslie. I've loved and have used the copy function ever since it came out (thank you for that BTW :).

I still don't get why they are being moved. Just like FJV, I have Inactive items from 2010 and they have never moved into the Expired section. This only started happening at the beginning of this month.

I sell many OOAK items at art/craft shows and move them to the Inactive section right away. It is confusing when they move to the Expired section after I've already deactivated them.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:01 am Jun 20, 2012 EDT
I want to bring this issue back again because something has changed recently and I can't believe we want old Inactive moving to Expired. As Shannon and FunkyJunky have noted we all have older listings in Inactive that were never moved to Expired.

I inactivate items when I pull Etsy inventory to restock galleries. I may down the road remake these items and at that time I'll reactivate. If they had run their four months then I'll be paying another listing fee. Fine.

But I often check my Expired list to see if I happened to miss a needed renew. This morning I almost renewed an item that was under Expired. I thought, hmm, didn't I wholesale all of those? If I hadn't double checked I would have listed stock that I no long had.

Sorry Leslie, but I don't see how copying listings addresses this issue. Inactive is a place for items on hold for the time being. That may be a couple days when we come back from a show or in six months for Christmas.

Now I'm spending this morning rechecking my Etsy inventory to make sure I didn't renew from Expired something I no longer have.
Thank you Linda! I am still bewildered by this. Searching though my expired listings for things that have already been deactivated (and sold) and ones that are still available.
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Inactive Etsy Member 2:32 pm Jun 27, 2012 EDT
Once again I've got an inactive item moved to my expired page. I want it "Inactive" and there's no way to move it back into inactives. All it will let me do is renew. I no longer have it in stock. It's off to a gallery.

Why would we care if an inactive item is expired? To my thinking items in Expired need immediate attention. Did I forget to renew?

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