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STILL not receiving Etsy Finds emails.

I'm beginning to wonder if it just wasn't meant to be. I can't get into the emails, nor can I ever SEE the emails.

I signed up for the daily Etsy finds about 2 weeks ago and have yet to receive one. I did post in bugs before and I was told to try unsubscribing and then subscribing again, which I did, but nothing happened.

I also asked if it was happening because I had an email address that is not the "norm" (hotmail, gmail, yahoo) and if that could affect it, because I've tried signing up for news letters on other sites and it would tell my my email address wasn't "valid"

Again, the account I use has NO spam filters or folders, everything come through to my inbox, and I do receive bills, convo notifications and transaction emails from Etsy no problem.

Any idea as to what is happening?

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Sometimes certain email providers will block certain emails that they may consider spammy. Do you have the following email addresses in your contact list? www.etsy.com/help/article/56
Just double checked, all but Registration is in my address book. Though I'm guessing the Finds don't come from there...
Yeah, that wouldn't be the one for Etsy Finds emails...OK, so I tried to make a change on my end...cross your fingers we will get that email out to you tomorrow!!
Fingers crossed (though it's a bit hard to type) Thank you so much for your help...
Let us know if today's Etsy Finds turns up, Amy D!
I didn't get one yesterday or today.

I'm thinking this is just a lost cause...
Oh no! That's not the news I wanted to hear:( Let me check in with my team to see if there's anything else we can do...in the meantime, do you have another email address you could use?
Sadly no, the one I use is linked to EVERYTHING...
OK, let me check in with my Team on this one to see what we can do:)

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