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"You do not have any ads running."

Hi, I'm sorry if this isn't a bug, but I can't begin using Search Ads again. The 'Start Promoting' button is greyed out, if I try to 'ADD' an individual keyword the screen moves upwards to a blue box which says 'You do not have any ads running.' as well as a link which says 'View Stats'. It also takes me upwards like this if I try to add to the list of items I want to promote.

I'm sorry if this isn't a bug - if it isn't, what do I do?


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Hi Rachel,

I just checked the data on that and all appears to be functioning normally. The shifting of the screen to the top of the page (it just so happens there a Search Ads message there) is fairly common when a browser is having trouble with a page. Could you try a different browser to see if you can edit Search Ads? It also may be that all you have to do is delete your browser cache and Etsy cookies.

Let us know how that goes. If you still have trouble, tell me the browser and version that is giving you trouble. Thanks!
Also, make sure you've paid your latest bill. I know I had problems in the past when I didn't realise I had a bit of balance on my bill, so all the search ad options wouldn't work.
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:58pm Jun 24, 2012 EDT
I'm having the exact same problem using Firefox, but I switched to google chrome and it worked fine.

I was using Chrome at first, I went to Firefox and had exactly the same problem. I'm back on Chrome and deleted the cache and Etsy cookies (apart from passwords and usernames if that's important) and I'm still having the same moving of the screen and no way to edit the ads (does it take a while to kick in..?). I also paid my bill but it wasn't due until next month.

So, I'm still having trouble on Chrome which is apparently version 19.0.1084.56 m. Thank you!

Hi Rachel,

At present I'm unable to duplicate the issue that you're experiencing. We'll keep our eyes out for more reports and if we are able to dig up more information we'll share it with you, but I'm afraid that's all that I can offer right now.

We got the same problem but I found the way for my case so I share it.
If you have adblock like me you just need to remove it for Etsy website (click right on adblock button enable ;) and normally it will work.

Hope it might help some of you...

Good luck and thanks for the forum!!
We always find good tips;)
Aha! Oh, Adblocker. You are so unpredictable. It also sometimes thinks shop banners are ads and hides them.

Rachel, any chance you are also using Adblocker?
Hello again...

I'm really sorry for starting this thread because that was it! I have Adblocker and use it on both Chrome and Firefox... Search Ads work for me now! I had no idea that could be a problem. I'm really sorry!

No apology necessary! You were right to post and we figured it out. It's also good to find out that Adblocker can interfere with that feature. A fine Bugs thread! Thanks!

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