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Not sure if this is truly a bug, but my shop shows zero activity for 7 hours, this is highly unusual...

I do see some minimal activity with other shops however.

Is there a way to check it out, or get a push of some kind!


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Wondering the same thing right now....this is highly unusual for me to not have ANY views after I have just listed several items. I have more I wanted to list this evening but I am afraid nothing will get viewed.
Matt Quirk avatar Admin
Hi trinkets818,

I am seeing 47 listing views and 9 shop views in the past 7 hours. Where were you seeing no activity? Thanks!

Liz, you have comparable activity, as well. Are you looking at the right graph in Shop Stats?

Sale not showing up in my activity 2 hours ago
All of a sudden it popped up

I checked the activity feed obsessively and have not seen any of the views etc. that you mention (however I did have one sale from a custom listing that recorded) In activity I do check the box to see my shop specifically. Nothing is showing in terms of the activity...but for the sale I mentioned! Is there a glitch?
Matt Quirk avatar Admin
Hi there,

You aren't going to see "views" in the Activity Feed. It will show some favorites and usually shows sales. It normally won't show all activity, particularly with a very active circle. The best place to track engagement with your shop is Shop Stats. It shows every bit of data and you can see activity all the way back to the day you opened your shop.

I am a huge fan of Shop Stats.

Poor choice of wording on my part, not views but favorites. And yes, I do utilize stats as well (especially in viewing revenue!), but I am addicted to activity just has not shown any 'favorites' or other shop activity for my store for about ten hours, with the exception of the sale.

I guess I am just super slow today. Boo.
Matt Quirk avatar Admin
Yeah. A little slow in the Faves department, it seems. You did have one around 10, though. Did that one show up?
Yes, thanks Matt!

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