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Treasury with over 21,000 views

I posted this July 25th about treasuries being sabotaged:

Today one of our treasuries has been targeted again. Please note that the curator did nothing to generate these views and I'm not calling her out. I want you to be aware so if this is reported she is innocent.

I'm not sure the intent of this as they boosted the treasury instead of bumping it down. Our team does not use any program or twitter bots to generate inflated views and are being targeted with this abuse of the system.

I don't know what the solution but hope that Etsy can do something about this.

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I just saw that Dawn..wow. I just read your posting about sabotage..that is very disappointing someone would stoop to that.
It is up to over 23,000 views. I believe it is twitter bots doing it.
It has to be Dawn...and I know the curator of that T would never do that or anyone on her team...Very harmful to all of us.
I saw that one. Very strange and confusing how that happens.

Sad that admin has to spend time trying to level the playing field. People always find a way to outsmart the system.

I appreciate your diligence and dedication in trying to get this issue addressed.
Made me stop doing treasuries, what's the point!
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:39pm Jun 27, 2012 EDT
What is the point of that??
Don't they have to pay to get the bots to do something like that?
Hi Dawn,

This is the kind of thing that would be best addressed by contacting our Support Team and asking them to look into the matter. We may not be able to disclose what goes on from there, but we'll do what we can! Contact Support here:


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