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Wacko...many issues

Seems to be having issues all day, just recently I cannot edit.

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Have you tried clearing your cookies and cache, logging in and out and trying again?
I kept checking bugs to see if anyone else out there was having multiply site issues (mine include the activity feed not showing new activity; "favorite this shop/item" just reloading the page when I click on it-haven't been able to favorite anything since yesterday afternoon; "favorite this shop/item" disappearing completely when I click some listings; and I can't remember what all else right now). I didn't want to post anything unless I saw someone else was having issues. I access the site all the time on my Samsung Stride and it generally works fine, but I've been having issues since yesterday..

Which browsers do you experience these issues in?
Hmm.. I can't seem to post a reply. This is the third time, maybe it'll work? I was using "MediaNet" on my Samsung to access the site. Normally, I have no problems with it, but for *at least* the past 30 hours it has been loading slow as well as the problems I mentioned above. I made a sale today, but I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't gotten an email notification because my activity feed is broken and not telling me anything new. I can't access my laptop at the moment so I have no way of knowing if it works on there and is just a problem with my phone.
Hi Katryna,

Sorry to hear of the troubles! Can you use the Etsy App on your Samsung? Is it a smartphone? Or are you using the regular internet site? That may be the reason why it is loading slowly, could also just be the strength of your signal to be honest.

The AF isn't the best place to check for activity in your shop, especially if you have a lot of shops in your circle! Those stories get pushed down the page pretty quickly. Checking Shop Stats is a much more accurate way of looking at shop transactions. Give that a try if you haven't received a notification email.

Hope this helps!
I have been having issues for days. Getting booted off and having to sign in again over and over. Other shops pictures not showing up in searches just showing broken link. Activity feed hasn't worked right in weeks. (I have no circles so it is easy for me to keep track.) All of it intermittent. I have been working on the same computer doing the same thing I have done since day one so I'm pretty sure it isn't me.
Thanks, Leslie, for the suggestions. I don't think it's my connection because I have tried several other site and they load fine; etsy's the only slow, glitchy one. It may be that some of the recent changes to the site make it less compatable with my phone now. I know the new changes to the photo zoom feature caused it to stop working entirely on my phone. I will just assume that incompatability is the reason for the problems I have been having.

I was under the impression the App was only for iPhones...? Last time I tried to get it, it said it wouldn't work on my smartphone.
I have very few people in my circle so I have no difficult in keeping up with the feed (except now becaue the feed isn't working). Shop Stats have never, ever worked with my phone or my husband's Blackberry. So the AF works better for keeping up with my shop on my phone (except now because it isn't working).
If you re-read my post, you'll see that I only knew of the sale because I got an email notification, so that, at least, is working (yay for small mercies). I don't have internet access at my house so my phone has been my main source for using Etsy (except now because the site doesn't work well). I am hoping this can get fixed soon, whatever the problem is..
P.S I already cleared the cookies on my phone's browser-- it did nothing in helping. My phone has also been restarted, still a no-go. Any more ideas as to the problem? Thanks so much!

Right you are, the App is only for iPhones. I had an issue with the browser loading on my iPhone a few days ago. There was an option to run a debug to correct loading issues. Seems to have fixed my issue, I did this through Safari. Is there anyway to try a different browser on your phone? That might be something worthwhile to try.

Keep us posted!
I have been using a different browser on my phone to post replies. My main browser isn't even letting me login anymore. It just keeps reloading to the same page over and over instead of logging in. And if I click any links (Buy, Sell, Etsy, Etc) it just reloads to the same login page with all my login information still filled into the boxes.
The browsers I'm using now also doesn't show shop stats or any new activity numbers, but if I click on the feed it does show me new activity, and I can *sort of* navigate the site so it will work for now, I guess. Still hoping this will get fixed, though-- I loath this browser and would really like to be able to use the other one to access Etsy.

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