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Changed Shipping and Whole Shop Layout Jumbled :(

Hi - I just changed my shipping to "free" for each listing for the holiday weekend and once I saved this my whole shop arrangement just jumbled! Should this happen? And when I change my shipping back to regular rates will my whole shop mix up again??? Just a pain to rearrange. THANKS! Tracy

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Hi Tracy,

Seems that when someone changes the shipping the shop gets rearranged, we've had a few reports of this. Our tech team is aware of the issue and is working on a fix.

Thanks for reporting in bugs!
Same here, please help!
Same here! I just did a post about this and then saw this one. I also did a whole shipping profile change and everything is all a mess.
Any help going on here?
As Leslie has said, we've reported this to our engineers. What would be helpful is if you could determine how the items are ordered after you change your shipping profile. Are you seeing any new pattern in how your items are arranged?
Some of the edited (shipping profile) items are appearing first not in the order
they have been listed.
I disabled the "rearrange your shop" feature until you'll fix the problem.
I'm looking forward to seeing it solved.
Thanks for the info.
I wonder if that's what happened to my shop. I added a country-specific shipping rate to my standard shipping profile, and now my sort view is set to default to "custom" (i don't recall ever setting this up--it appears to be oldest items first, with the exception of the very first item which is the newest item in my shop). When I set it back to "most recent" my featured items bar goes away. Setting it back to "custom" does not make my featured items bar come back. I must refresh the shop for that but then of course it is back to "custom" sort.
Hi Keirsten,

It's possible. Though what you describe in terms of the featured items disappearing sounds like a different issue. Would you some screen shots of what you are seeing and send them my way at community@etsy.com?


Thank you,


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