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Google Syndication Thread; Help and FAQ

Google Syndication FAQ

There have been a lot of questions and some misunderstandings around Google Product Search (Google Shopping), syndication, and how it affects your shop and listings. Please read this information before requesting assistance so that we can be most helpful. Here is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions on the topic. Thank you!

What is it?

Etsy is a Google Product Search Marketplace Partner*. Items from participating (syndicated) Etsy shops automatically have their active listings submitted to Google Product Search (U.S.)**, and appear with the associated Etsy shop name and feedback, both visible and searchable.

How can my shop qualify for syndication?

To qualify, each of your accounts or shops must be in good standing (no open non-delivery cases, no outstanding balance), have made a small number of sales and received positive feedback from customers. www.etsy.com/help/article/276

Is my shop syndicated?

Syndicated shops have a “Syndication” link in Your Shop on the left side-bar under the “Promote” heading***. (See screenshot below.)

What is a 'push'?

A ‘push’ or ‘boost,’ as it has come to be called, is when we (Admin) resubmit your active listings to Google Shopping in the event any have been declined by Google or have expired. It’s important to note that a ‘push’ only affects Google Shopping and is never required for Etsy.

Also, keep in mind that resubmitting your active listings to Google Product Search will not positively or negatively affect your ranking in standard Google search or Etsy searches. Although you may gain exposure in Google Shopping for items that had previously been declined or expired, this exposure doesn't guarantee views on Etsy, favorites, sales, etc. If you are already fully indexed in Google Shopping, a 'push' has no effect since you have no listings that need resubmission. If you have not yet been syndicated into Google Shopping, it is not possible to give your shop a 'push' since you don't yet have an account to which we can submit listings.

How do I find my listings on Google Shopping?

Find your indexed listings by going to Google, click ‘Shopping’ and paste your shop name into the search field****. The number of results is usually pretty close to your current, active, indexed listings. If you get many results that have nothing to do with your shop, it usually means your shop name has words commonly used by other entities and stores. You can try putting the shop name in quotes to narrow down the results, or paste your shop URL into the field instead (www.etsy.com/shop/youretsyshop). Note that when searching for your shop, it needs be as written in the url; that is, without spaces between the words. Upper/lower case don't matter, but spaces do.

Why are my listings missing?

They may have expired or Google may have rejected them for language in the title or description that violates their policies. Become familiar with the criteria used by Google for filtering items from their shopping results: www.etsy.com/help/article/258

Should I have my items resubmitted? Do I need a “push"?

First, check to see if you are syndicated. If yes, check your listings on Google Product Search (Google Shopping) and compare the result to the total active listings in your shop. If there is a significant difference, you could probably benefit from having your active listings resubmitted. Check your titles and descriptions, though. A resubmission may not do much good if Google rejected some listings and they are resubmitted without edits. They are likely be rejected again.

Check your shop and listings, and if you need help, you can post your request in this thread. Thanks for reading!

* www.google.com/intl/en/products/gmp.html
** www.google.com/shopping
*** dl.dropbox.com/u/21279132/syndicationsidebar.png
**** dl.dropbox.com/u/21279132/googleshoppingex.png


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cgwhitfield, your account and several other international shops are experiencing an issue where your listings are unable to circumvent the tax requirements for Google and your listings are not uploading. I'm sorry, but we do not currently have a resolution.

LOL. Thanks, Doreen.

Pennee, all Etsy shops can be eligible pending the qualifications we describe. I am seeing this shop syndicated. If you have others just give us the shopnames or post from those shops and we will do what we can.

Thanks all!
Hi there,

Unfortunately, I don't have any other info besides what Matt provided on the tax issue: "your account and several other international shops are experiencing an issue where your listings are unable to circumvent the tax requirements for Google and your listings are not uploading. I'm sorry, but we do not currently have a resolution."

In the meantime, I gave your Shops a push:)
To those who have had their listings resubmitted, but are still missing a significant number of listings in a shop search:

There does seem to be a discrepancy between uploaded listings and those that are searchable. In each case, I can confirm that all your listings are indexed properly, yet many are not searchable in GPS. I do not have a definitive answer at this time, but there seem to be many factors, such as browser and search settings, region, filters, and similarity between listings (for example, listings that differ only in size or color may have only one listings represent them). I will be investigating this today. Thanks!
We haven't yet pinned down a cause. Since Google has not yet implemented the new structure, it is unlikely to be related. I'm afraid there's nothing for you to do; everything is updated correctly and yet listings fail to show. It's rather mysterious at this point.

One thing you can do is check your stats. For most, it's unlikely you will find a serious decrease in views, but it's always good to know where traffic comes from. Remember, this does not affect Google Search at all. Only Google Shopping. Google and Google Shopping are on the same line in the stats (google.com) so it should be easy to track. Thanks!
Thread is up to date.

LRichardsDesign and Purana, it will occasionally occur that items not explicitly yours will show up in a Google search. Google tries to pull relevant links according to the search used, so most links for your shop name will be your listings, but some other listings or entities may have similar enough text or properties to get drawn in.

Everyone: We continue to have trouble with fully indexed shops not appearing fully in Google Shopping search results. Pushing listings does not appear to have any affect and we have no other tools at our disposal. We continue to investigate this issue and will update when we have more information. Thanks!

I encourage all folks requesting pushes to visit Google Shopping before hand. Enter your shop name and see what percentage of your items appear before requesting a push in this thread. This is something you can do on your own pretty easily here: www.google.com/shopping?hl=en&tab=wf.

Very much appreciated!

Hi folks,

As you know, listings on Google Shopping have not all been appearing despite being uploaded properly. If you have had your shop resubmitted ("pushed") in the last few days, another resubmission will have no effect, since all your items are already indexed. We are still looking into this issue and we apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks!
HI folks,

Thread is up to date. Many are seeing a new link (Google Ads instead of Syndication). This blog post will get you up to date:


Note that this is starting October 2. We can proceed normally in this thread until that time. Thanks all!

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I just checked, and this shop is in dire need of a push! They're not there at all!!!

(I'm assuming that this is also the new Push Thread?)
Thanks for your informative post, Leslie. Now only 7 of my 106 items are showing up in Google Shopping.This is all very frustrating, especially since my total item views today are a whopping 6 for the entire day so far. My views and sales have dropped off a cliff in the past month despite my best efforts to follow all the seo advice I can find online. Is it true that we are going to have buy adwords on Google in the future to rank favorably in search as they transition Google Shopping to a more commercial site?
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:16 pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT
Could I get a push please. Some of my items are missing.
Oh, indeed a push is definitely needed - I am showing only 13 items showing up in Google shopping out of 130+ items in store!

Thanks so much!
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:29 pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT
I totally need a push; only 29 of 113 active listings are appearing in Google Shopping... thank you!
Oh, I was wrong - 13 out of 141 items. 150 is my goal - I'm getting there!

Thanks, Etsy!
I need a push please.


6 items out of 82.

I keep getting pushed though and it will go up to most, but not all and then a day later, back down.

Something seems to be wrong and the items just get dumped again.

Thanks for pushing.
Hi, Now my GS items are at 9 out of 566 and one of them is a "sold" item from awhile ago. What happened? I had 382 items at least two hours ago. Then I requested a push.

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