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Google Syndication Thread; Help and FAQ

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Hi again,

I posted on the previous page saying that everything disappeared from Google shopping. The only thing I did differently was to add shipping to Canada on all my items. Before that, I only had U.S. shipping. Could adding that international shipping be the reason I'm shut out of Google shopping?


Thanks Aud!!
Hey guys - could i get a push for google please? The last 7-10 days my views from google have slowly declined and today have disappeared. Thinking with all the tweaking and site issues something may have come "unplugged".

Hi Denise,

I'm not sure about that but I'll ask around. Gave you each a push. :)
I just checked and only 24 of my 97 listings are showing up in Google Shopping. Can I get a push please? Thanks!
Sure thing Janie. :)
Hi, Just curious? I got syndicated awhile back and I had listings on every page in the top results for google shopping, now I am no where to be found. I still show up in the top pages for etsy search. I changed my shop name about 2 months ago. Do you think this is why and why? Any input very much appreciated and any help. Jamie :)
Hi there...could we get a push..40 of our listings are not shopping up in Google Shopping...also we show no traffic coming from Google at in in our stats for quite some time now....?! TY

I received a Google push yesterday, I am still missing items 68 showing of 92.
Thank you!
Thanks for the push AudMod. I just checked Google Shopping and I'm at 79 out of 94 items showing. Better than zero!

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