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Google Syndication Thread; Help and FAQ

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Thanks for the update on page 91 Matt. Much appreciated.

So what you are saying is that now there is another problem with Google Shopping in that shops that are already listed aren't getting updated even with a Push?

Do you have any ideas what's causing this?
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ZCreateDesigns: Google Shopping has 121 of your active listings indexed currently. I found over 100 of them by searching in Google Shopping under your shop name. You can find the search here:

Hope this helps!
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I found approximately 180 of your items indexed in Google Shopping. While that isn't all of your items, it's over 70%. If we give your listings a push, we arenlt able to guarantee that 100% of your items will appear. If you'd still like a push we'd be happy to help!

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I found about 112 of your active listings indexed in Google Shopping. You can search for your own items by typing your shop name into the search bar at the top of Google Shopping here:

If you'd still like a push, we'd be happy to oblige. Just let us know.

Thanks much!
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I found many of your listings here:

Congrats, looks like your on the Google Shopping map!
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Your shop is syndicated now!

Happy Selling!
Can I request syndication for my shop? It meets all qualifications. I didn't know about this until reading this thread. Thanks for the information.
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I encourage all folks requesting pushes to visit Google Shopping before hand. Enter your shop name and see what percentage of your items appear before requesting a push in this thread. This is something you can do on your own pretty easily here:

Very much appreciated!

Could I have a push please? It appears that only about half of my items are showing up.

Aud Mod - I asked a question about Google Syndication on page 92 - no response?

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