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I just spent 30 minutes going through pages of supplies that I was considering, in-line favoriting the ones I was interested in (hovering over the heart & clicking on it). When I went to narrow the choices down, NONE of them had showed up in my favorites!! The only few that did were the ones where I actually clicked on the listing & went in to look at it then favorited it.

This is very frustrating & I've just wasted all that time, & now have to go back & do it all over again! Could you please look at this & fix it for me?

As well, for the past 2 weeks my activity feed has not been working. I've posted about it a couple of times but it has not yet been fixed. Could you please let me know what's happening with this this also?

Thank you!

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Hi Caroline,

Very sorry about that. We have had a few reports on that feature. Could you tell me what browser and version you are using, please? And if you are using IE, could you tell me the operating system of your computer (XP, Vista, Win7)? I'm trying to investigate if this issue is specific to a browser. Thanks!
Hi Matt,

I'm not exactly sure what you need, I use a PC at work with Internet Explorer; at home I use a MAC with Safari. I'm sorry, I don't know more than that (not very computer-savvy).

The in-line favoriting seems to be working today, but my activity feed is still not working (been about 2 weeks).

Glad the favoriting is working, but what's going on with your AF? What does it look like - just totally empty or are specific things missing?
Hi Lo,

I posted in this thread:


NO number shows up when there is something in my AF. Still.

Thanks for looking into this!
Ah, okay. The numbers thing - totally a pain, I know. We're working on it!
Thank you, I really appreciate that!
Of course! News soon, I hope!
Hi Admin,

My AF is STILL not working, & now my in-line favorting has stopped working AGAIN!

I really don't have the time to click on each listing & go in to favorite it when I'm compiling a list of supplies to buy, so if this could be fixed I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!
FYI... I am using Google Chrome and favorites showing up in my activity feed, are not displayed in my shop stats. This just started today.

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