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Inactive Etsy Member 10:49pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT
When someone purchases an item from my shop, it automatically renews the item and lists it for sale again. I have checked my quantity and ensure that I place one in the box.

Does anyone know if this is a bug? If not, please advise on how to correct this error as it seems that I'm being charged listing fees for items I might not even have!

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Christine,

Could you provide us with a listing # where this has occurred and we would be happy to investigate for you!
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Inactive Etsy Member 7:35am Jul 4, 2012 EDT
Sure! Sorry, is the listing number just the link to the item? or..is that something different?

Hi Christine--- at the bottom of your listing, when you click "Show item details", the listing number is after your tags and listing date.
A link is fine as well, we just want to see which item automatically renwed so maybe we can understand why! Is this the first time this has happened? And *all* of your items are a quantity of one?
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Inactive Etsy Member 3:13pm Jul 4, 2012 EDT
Thanks, Janine!

Here is the listing number: Listing # 101477344

I made a custom listing over the weekend and once the seller purchased, it automatically renewed! This was the first time and I ended up using the listing to sell another item.

The listing above was the second time it happened.

I recently increased a few item quantities for other listings - this shouldn't be the cause of this?

Thanks again!
Okay, so some of your items have a quantity of more than one - but not this listing?

Anyways, I will look into it. Sorry it automatically renewed but I am glad that you were able to sell it a second time! Once it sold again, did it renew a third time or it stopped after the second sale?
We warned admin this would happen if the original bug did not get fixed.

This is part of an ongoing glitch... you can read more about it here:

here is what I said on May 8th,
Another thing Matt...it occurred to me that this glitch may show itself on May 21st when we roll out the quantity listing auto re-list option. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this before them. I think it is probably just miscoded and was overlooked.

I hope you get it worked out Christine and get refunded for those automatic renewals.

Christine, if you think the linked thread relates, please continue the conversation there.

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