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Activity Feed has not updated...

Last activity was 18 hours ago, but I have had new activity today. Can you look into this please? :)

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Hi Carly,

I gave it a look, which sometimes is enough to get it going again. You do have a fairly small circle, so events may be rare, but let's see if things get better in the next while. Thanks!
Thanks Matt. Yes, I do have a fairly small circle, but I do receive favs/treasury features and none have shown for the last near 24 hours.

My events are not rare for me, each event is appreciated and would love to know when they happen.

Sorry I posted.
we've been told repeatedly that the activity feed does not show all events. You can't rely on it to know what is going on with your shop.

If you join the Shop Stats Beta Team you will not miss a treasury:

& hearts are best tracked by a third party app, since the activity feed does not show hearts from people who have private faves, but the offsite apps do
Hello Carly,

I apologize if I offended. I thought you were referring to circle activity in general. With a smaller circle, it can take time to see friend's activity. If we are talking about shop events showing in the Feed, that can take place at any time. In fact, we can test that right now. I'll go ahead and favorite an item and we can see if it registers in the Feed.

Cindy is right about the Shop Stats. That was designed to help you manage your shop and you can access data all the way back to the day you opened your shop.

In any event, see if my favorite shows, then watch your stats and, when you get some events, check your Activity Feed to see if they register. Hopefully, you'll see them appear, but if not, let us know and we will follow up and help figure it out. Thanks!
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:50 am Jul 10, 2012 EDT
I find that if my activity feed "isn't updating" I just need to hit refresh on my browser to get mine working again. This may not work for everyone, but it works for me. :)

I usually check it to see what treasuries I've been featured in, even though I know it might not show all treasuries I'm listed in.
My activity feed is not updating, as well (no little number in the icon - even though there has been activity). I've gotten in the habit of clicking the icon - sometimes favs and purchases show, other times they don't until much later, even though it is registering in my stats.

Thank you for helping!
Hi Sweet,

Have you tried refreshing your browser page as Charity mentioned above? Sometimes that does get things going again. Let us know!

My activity feed has stayed at no larger than "3" for the past 24 hours. My normal feed shows 300+.

Something is definitely wrong, and it has nothing to do with my small circle. I have cleared cookies, cache, closed out my browser.

If there isn't anything wrong, then no one is hearting, making treasuries etc.
Hey Carly,

I will go ahead and select a favorite from your Shop, sometimes that gives the AF boost it needs. What a great idea, I love the lip balm holders!!

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