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No sales notifications in iPhone app

I am getting conversation notices but have had two sales today and no notifications. I got the emails, but no iPhone notifications.

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Cindy, I got the blue box pop up, but no "cha-ching", and my phone was in my pocket at the time.
Hey Cindy,

Can you check in your iPhone settings, under Notifications to make sure they are turned on for your Etsy App?
I went through this a bit and everything was turned on. Try turning your phone off and then on again.
I have it on my ipad, and I get about 75% of the notifications. I never get all of them.
I just got one. Sometimes it helps to "power off" not just turn off, your iphone for about 30 seconds to a minute and then power it back on. It kind of resets things. :)
I no longer have the cha-ching either. I uninstalled and reinstalled my Etsy app and still doesn't work and my settings notifications are correct.
Hey Cathy!

When you go to your iPhone settings:

Etsy App
Notification Center-On
Badge app Icon-On
View in Lock Screen-On

That should help!
I went through all the above and no ka-ching either. I was on the phone today on my bluetooth and I can usually hear cash register noise but nothing for the past couple days.
Same thing here--I've done all of the things suggested and still no cha-ching on my iphone. I get the blue text box popping up on the iphone and the cha-ching on my ipad, but no sound on the phone.

I'm getting the tone for new convos, but no sound for a sale.

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