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Trouble accessing shop from Etsy app on iPhone

today every time i click on my shop icon on the Etsy app it throws me back to my phone's main menu

I use this daily in all my shops from my iPhone and this is new behavior. is it just a bug today? I have been unable to answer convos, etc. because of it---I've had to use my computer--which defeats the purpose of using the app on my phone when I am out and about....

any thoughts/

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I should say I can access the "You" button and the general Etsy but not my own shop....
Hi Mary,

That is pretty unusual. By any chance, have you disabled cookies on that device? You might double check that setting and be certain. I'll investigate if this issue has occurred before and other possible causes. Thanks!
Hi Matt--I got busy doing other things and forgot to check back here but it is still going on--and no, I did nothing different....I can't access my convos while I'm out which is totally frustrating
okay--I got it to work again--but I had to uninstall it and start over again....
Hi Mary,

Thanks for letting us know that you got it to work, and what it took. We'll keep our eyes open for other reports!
Yep (I know this is an old thread) but I have been having this exact problem all day. I can access all parts of the app except as soon as I click on "shop" the app closes entirely. I just got the app (and phone) this week so I'm not really good at figuring out what's going on with it. Just wanted to report that there had been other cases of this.
Still happening all day today...
Read in another thread to uninstall and reinstall the app - can anyone tell me how to uninstall it? I literally spent half my lunch break trying to figure it out.
Help anyone?
Hi Awun,

This will depend upon the operating system of your phone. You'll want to look at your phone's settings and wherever the listing of apps on the phone is present. From there you will likely be able to uninstall it and other apps on your phone. I hope this is helpful!

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