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Sold Items Titles Missing

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loopyboopy says:
I too really hope this is a bug. My sold items are all over google when I search. If the titles are gone wouldnt' that have an effect on them showing up there?
Now I understand why view and traffic in my shop drop down dramatically today...
I'm glad someone started a thread about this - I was wondering if I'd gone mad...

Looking forward to an update when one's available! (In case another data point is useful, I, too, think the titles should be put back, for the aesthetic and SEO purposes others have already outlined.)
YES, loopy -- *exactly*. It must be a bug, because it's total Google suicide if it's not. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
and, the longer the bug remains unresolved, the greater chance all of our sold listings could be compromised within Google's algorithm. ok ok ok ... it's time for a beer. I don't wanna think about this, especially today, having my biggest sales month EVAH on Etsy. Oy. 0.o
Hopefully this just is a bug and not by design.
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Inactive Etsy Member 5:55 pm Jul 20, 2012 EDT
Crossing fingers that it is a bug soon to be squashed...
So you have a search bar above the sold items that you stripped naked and void yesterday, but of course it doesn't search sold items.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but the title tells the other half of the story on those sold pages. In it's complete form, it documents and supports my experience as a seller on etsy and shows potential customers the sense of what I lean towards in presenting here. It is a resume and/or portfolio. Customers don't always know what something specifically is by only looking at a picture... they need information. Typically, they are quite literate.

And we still have no answer as to what this does to outside searches regarding sold items.

Do you understand at etsy that many shops are found through their sold items out on the internet? And that this can give a shop the potential for another sale? That would be coin in your pocket, etsy.

Etsy, you have already truncated the hard work and efforts of the seller who sells unique or one up items with your new linking in sold, inactive, or expired to showing other sellers items. This is especially vexing when the shop would not have another just like it, so instead there is a page of randomness from other sellers that often has little relation to the original.

What is next? Are you going to take the titles off of active items? That would make about as much sense.

God i hope this isn't staying like that. I have had customers ask if i can make items in my sold section.

If i can't make the exact item i can almost most times make something very similar.

This issue described here has been reported. I'm sorry we don't have an update for you at this time. Hope to have news for you soon!

I don't understand why it takes so long to say if it's a bug or not. Do they make retroactive features out of unintended changes?

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