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Hello, folks!

Have you noticed that search categories in your item when you list it and search categories in actual Etsy search are totally different things? This started to be a few days ago, as we noticed. For instance, in the Jewelry category, Necklace has such sub-categories as Metal, Resin, Polymer Clay, etc. when you list it, and Statement, Personalized, etc. when you search for it. In other words, many listings just won't show up in the Most Recent searches because of the issue. Do you know why that is and what to do with it?

Another bugs we noticed this week is that Activity Feed is all messed up (showing message "OK! We're generating your Activity Feed!" and nothing happens). Also, after certain hours (usually after 10 PM) it takes new listings forever to appear in search results. We've been having these problems with all three of our stores. Do you know what's going on?

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Yes, my Activity Feed is stuck - my Shop Stats says I have 7 favourites, but they aren't showing up on the Activity Feed.
noticed some odd stuff in activity too
It's another of Etsy's tests :)
Hi folks,

A small number of users are seeing a test on some categories.

Delays in the Activity Feed often clear up with a little time. If it's still an issue, let us know by posting again and we can take a look.

Also, it isn't unusual for the Shop Stats and Activity Feed to disagree. Maureen, in your case, it may be that some of the Favorites were private, which means they do register in the Stats, but they won't create an Activity Feed story. Hope that helps explain.

Thanks all!
Thanks, Matt! Feed issue mostly got fixed. As well as speed of appearing in search has improved. However, search categories issue still remains. Is it some kind of site reconstruction you are doing? Thank you for helping us by resolving the bugs!
Hi GraysCrafts,

What you're seeing in categories is the result of an experiment that we're running with a small number of users of the site. You can see more about our thinking behind experiments here:

I hope this is helpful!
Rob, with all due respect, we are not your lab rabbits to test things on us. You should tell us beforehand. It isn't very hard to make an announcement, is it?
BTW, the Activity Feed doesn't work again.
The goal of each experiment that we run is to help buyers find whatever it is that they're looking for. We use small fractions of our traffic in order to test these experiments, but we run them on the live site because there's no better way to get accurate results for what would happen if everyone were to see those features or changes. We don't announce these experimental changes in order to limit risks of skewing the results.

We do really appreciate your patience and you bearing with us as we test these changes. Though not all of them go live, each one that we can test and then push the entirety of our visitors is an improvement that will serve both buyers and sellers on Etsy. We absolutely are not playing with your livelihood; we're always trying to improve the Etsy marketplace!

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