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Missing Order?

The number of my items just went down by 2. It was 583, now it's saying 581. That usually indicates a sale for me even if I didn't receive an email from Etsy yet regarding the sale. This time it's weird though because when I do get sales and see it by the number dropping, I can confirm the sale by going to my Sales page. The number of sales goes up as well but this time that didn't happen. I just have 2 less items in my shop, my sale number didn't go up and no email notice. huh?

The only other thing I can think of is that some items expire but I checked and then didn't. My items usually expire right after midnight my time. I've been on my shop working all day and my items were 583 all day.

Is there a chance this is a glitch and I really did get a sale but my sale number hasn't gone up yet??

Please help! Does this ever happen?

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Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for posting those IDs so that my teammates could check them out for you. I found a few items that expired on the day you reported this, the 23rd. If those items aren't responsible for your count dropping (and bear in mind that number could've been cached; it might've remained at 583 after a couple of them expired and only dropped later), then I'm not sure what to tell you.

We've not seen any bugs like this any time in recent memory, and discrepancies like this are usually explainable via the data being cached and updating at weird times. It is likely that this is the case, and that you have not lost any listings any all.

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I don't know how common this is but in the past I have items just mysteriously disappear from my shop--No sale and they were nowhere to be found! I had to redo the entire listing! (And of course pay the fee again!)

And no--they never reappeared! Just went off into the ethric!

Have not had this happen in about the past 6 months tho.
Did you check to see if you a received payment ?
Oh no, PurplePuppy - I HOPE that didn't happen! My shop is so big... if that happened I don't even know how I'll figure out what prints they were. You know, I was updating my shipping profiles in my account with all the drop down menus when it happened. I'm wondering if for some reason this is a glitch and somehow it removed two of my listings. It doesn't make any sense though why they'd be connected but it happened when I was updating all the profiles. :(
Kathy - I just checked but don't see a payment.
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Inactive Etsy Member 4:08am Jul 24, 2012 EDT
Carolyn, did you check your inactive listings? Quite often you 'lose' items when you are editing but forget to publish them.
Well this is weird... I just checked my inactive listings and I do see two items in there that should be on my shop. The crazy thing is I just searched for them in my shop and those 2 items are showing up in my shop as active listed items! huh??
Hi Carolyn,

If you let me know the items you are referring to, I'll be happy to take a look.


Thanks Audrey. Unfortunately I don't know which items disappeared from my shop. My shop is large and I don't know how to tell what is gone. All I know is it was 2 items. What can we do?
Hi Carolyn,

If you could share the listing IDs (in separate pairs) for the two inactive items that you didn't think were supposed to be there and the two identical items in your shop, that would be very helpful as we dig into this. Thanks!

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