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3rd try to post..very frustrating

Favorite button broken and a favorite shop with no items added. Unable to send this message too. Please

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Hey Sue,

What browser are you currently, are you still experiencing troubles?
I was using my Kindle Fire. It has worked fine for 6 mos. I am now on a desktop and everything is fine.
Hi Sue,

I'm glad it's working for you on your PC. Sorry to hear you're having issues on the Kindle. We currently only have apps for the iphone and android which you can find here: www.etsy.com/mobile?ref=si_mob.

On the Kindle, you may want to try signing out and then back in to your account, that might help. Let us know!

I've been having the same issue with my Kindle Fire. As of about 2-3 days ago it won't let me favorite a listing, shop, or treasury or add anyone to my circle. I'm not running any kind of app- I've only just used the kindle browser and was able to use the full site without any problem.
I've tried everything I can think of to fix it. Signing out of my account and signing back on. Logging off the kindle and logging back on. I cleared my browsing history and cleared my cache. I even reset my kindle to the factory setting and had to reset all my accounts, faves, and apps. Nothing has worked.
I've only had this problem on the kindle fire. I haven't had any issues on my PC or any other computer.
Me too! I talked to Amazon/Kindle and they said it is an Etsy issue. Just tried again and it still won't work. Can't post to threads, favorite, renew or do feedback. I need my Kindle to work with Etsy again!
Hi folks,

I did hand this off to the team and they are looking into it. Thanks for the reports!
Thanks Matt ,Is there any timeframe as when the issue could be resolved. it is very frustrating not be able to use my kindle fire for etsy right now I can log in and check things but can not respond/comment at all . That means if I get a convo have to make my way downstairs to my computer to answer and with a broken ankle that is not fun.
See, now I feel terrible. Making you walk around like that.

The trouble is we are not able to recreate this on our end, which makes it hard to isolate where the problem is originating. I'm passing along all reports, so we have as many data points as possible. I wish I could tell you when, but there's just no way to know. I am sorry.
Still can't use Kindle Fire. This is very frustrating. I have used the Kindle for Etsy for almost everything since January and as of last Thursday I can't. Last week we were in Spearfish Canyon in South Dakota when I tried to post to a team thread and favorite and comment on a treasury and it wouldn't work. I thought it was the canyon but still not working. Are there only 5 of us having this problem?

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