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Shop Stats Stuck

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Bumping up here. Admin, can you do your magic for my shop too?
In my case, my shop stats are fluctuating. I'll look at the stats, and I see they've gone up. Then I walk away from it for a while, come back and they've gone down! Perhaps it's reverting to old stats? Not sure. Please help!
Ree & Pete: Check out your stats in 30 minutes and let me know if they've returned to normal?
My shop stats dropped again, from 203 views to 165. Weird, huh?
I'm having the same problem as Patricia--shop stats not showing an item that was favorited in my activity feed six hours ago, plus looong periods of no views. Only 15 views today. Thanks for any help!

Posted at 7:38 pm Jul 31, 2012 EDT

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I posted yesterday about having very few views (see above). Leslie (Admin) was kind enough to look at some of the items in my shop, and as a result my views went up. Yay! However, today I was able to look on Etsy on Sale and see the number of views I got for items that I renewed yesterday. Etsy on Sale shows 29 views for the renewed item at different times throughout the day. Etsy stats show only 7 views for the entire day. It seems that there may be views missing from the Etsy stats. There may be a good explanation, but right now I'm not seeing it. Thanks for any help.
Thanks for your report, Jane.

Could y'all all please send screenshots to Thanks!
Mine stats are flat lined this morning but the views say 18 and fav 1.
How does one do a screen shot? (I can do it with Corel Draw but you will not be able to open it without that program)
Just checking to see if I've been really unpopular for the last few hours, or if its just a bug!
0 views since midnight. Day 3 of shop stat problems.
Mine is fixed. Thank you Etsy fixer upper.

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