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My item image in Google Images links to another Etsy shop?????

I was looking for something in Google Images when I saw a familiar photo -- I recognized a close-up view of a Starburst clock recently sold from my Etsy shop. I clicked on the image of my clock in Google Images just for the fun of being linked back to my own shop.

But instead - the image linked back to a DIFFERENT vintage Etsy shop that sells mid century modern (my shop's specialty.)

An Etsy bug? A bug that is in the Etsy-Google relationship somewhere?

What can be done to link images from our shops back to the originating shop?


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Hm, it's hard to know quite what's happening here without more information on the link your found and where it ultimately directed.

Could you link me to where you saw this link in Google with information on which item appeared in search results.

Could you also direct me to the page that you were taken to instead of your shop or item?

I'm happy to investigate this further. Thanks!
Hi Lisa June,

Thanks for your response!

I went into my browser "History" (firefox) and this was the Google Image information:

It led me to this Etsy web page - I tried it several times cause I could not believe my eyes:


Hope you can straighten this out --

Thank you,

Is it at all possible that this shop had and sold the same clock as you at some point?
Hello, Lo -- I had the same thought, and so I checked their "SOLD" items to see ---- and did not see it. But the photo is definitely one I made.

Here is the item from my shop's "sales" list: www.etsy.com/transaction/86169096

Given how databases work, the unique transaction number and/or the unique listing number for this clock should link it only to my own shop -- not to someone else's, if the databases at Etsy govern the links.

Thanks for the additional 411, Pat. I will be looking into this!
Lo - FYI I'm using Firefox as my browser. Gosh, 2 admins - hope you guys come up with 1 answer! :)

Gotcha! Did you try it in another browser and get a different result?
did that shop put you in a treasury or save the item in their faves? Google Images can pull any image on the page, so you see some bizarre things. My nephew was ranking for glass penguin earrings one time, courtesy some links on my Flickr page :)

or it could be a google screw up, of course
Thanks for chiming in, Cindy!

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