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Items not in search

These earrings

Are not anywhere in etsy searches. If I search my shop for silver earrings they show up, but one other pair is missing.

I have 4 listings for curved bar earrings for $59. Three show up, including the missing one, but one other does not. I don't know which one it is yet. The 3 that show up in my shop are different than the 3 that show up in etsy searches. But there should be 4 pair showing up both in my shop as in etsy searches.

Last night I found one pair of earrings of mine that had not had a view on them for 19 days. This was a pair of earrings that used to sell multiple times a day. Seems odd there was no views for that long, and now I suspect they are not in etsy searches either.

Can someone please look at my shop and give me a push back into etsy searches please?

My revenue on etsy this year was anywhere from 300% to over 500% above same time period last year and my shop has been in a drastic downward spiral to where I made less in July than in July 2011. How many other items of mine are not in searches?? I don't have time to check 240 listings one by one to see if they are in seraches or not, but I've now found that 2 items are not found by any search words at all.

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sorry, that looks so confusing.

If I browse my shop by price I have 4 curved bar earrings for $59. If I search my shop 3 show up, 1 does not. If I search etsy 3 show up, 1 does not. But it's not the same one missing both times. It's a different one missing in etsy search than in my shop search.

I've spent the last 80-90 minutes looking every way possible and there was only 3 $59 curved bar earrings showing up in my shop search and a different 3 showing up in an etsy search.

and now all 4 are showing up.

There was absolutely one missing. for at least well over an hour.
It's that shell game again. Yes, views seem way down. I have had times with zero views and during higher traffic hours. Not sure what is going on. Was hoping the stats were just broken.

I gave up trying to figure it out. It's another mystery like google shopping acting as a yo-yo with our items.

Well those 2 pair of earrings were definately not in any search, even by exact title. But I know what you mean.

I haven't even checked google shopping in a couple weeks. Guess I should huh?

Please hide a drink under my shell, I'll sniff it out :)
I created an icon for my desktop with the search I was checking it so often. Now I just click the icon. The items were staying at halfway point for a long time and the past few days they jumped to 4/5ths of my items.

I just want to create the items and not deal with anything else.

Etsy seems really slow to notice changes you make with tags/titles. I added a new word to one and it still isn't appearing in my own shop results.
Who knows how long it will take to appear in the regular searches.
LOL, I have 246 in google shopping. And 241 in my shop :)

Maybe I have some of yours, lol
I see you in the Etsy search here:

And in your shop, I see 4 pairs of curved bar earrings for $59.00:

This is just what I am seeing, though!
Google says 247 for me but I have 295. Some of the items in the google results are sold items.

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