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Confused, need help! Etsy Search, Google Shopping search, renewing

Please Help! I make and sell children's clothing for about 3 years now on Etsy and I am REALLY confused about renewing, Etsy search and Google search. I feel like my shop is lost. I do not see hardly any of my items in Etsy search or Google Shopping. I need more marketing! Ive been working really hard listing new items, spending money renewing and trying to give good title, tags and description. Please, any advice?


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I just looked at the number one item for "girls knot dress" and this listing came up first .. www.etsy.com/listing/91639469/momi-girl-paisely-swirlrtssz-18234mom...

It doesn't even have the work knot dress in the title of the listing. I'm just confused here.
I see..that is a promoted one I guess..but still I have 53 items in my shop..I need some help:)
I think you should post this issue on site help or business that way more people will chime in and help.
Hi Sarah,

As a matter of respect, we tend to direct members away from comparisons in which a listing's relevance is questioned. If you're looking for an in-depth critique, we recommend checking out teams dedicated to the practice. You can find many of those here:


And there's also Etsy's Seller Handbook, which contains resources for all sorts of aspects of selling on Etsy. You can find the section of articles on how to get found in search here:


I hope this information is helpful!

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