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MAJOR check out bug

I had a sale from a buyer out of the US paying with a non US account via PayPal. I do not ship out of the US and I do not have shipping in any of my listings for destinations out of the US. So, how could this happen???

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Inactive Etsy Member 8:44 pm Aug 10, 2012 EDT
that's very weird.
Uh oh.....how did that happen then??

i have a couple items that I don't ship In'tl...I would be very upset if someone outside of the US purchased them!
Hi Foundling,

Can you send along the details to me by email so I can take a look? Our email is community@etsy.com. Please reference this thread.

Hello Miss Audrey,

Yes, it I will send the info to you momentarily and thank you so much for your quick response!!!
Miss Audrey,

I just sent the details to you via community@etsy.com

Many thanks for your help!!
I'm still awaiting a response from the support team please.
Intersting situation. You can always cancel the order with Pay Pal and let the buyer know that someone was able to by pass your Etsy non shippng Internatioanlly., and yet had the tech.skills to do this if that is the case. So much for secure sites. Want to wait myself for the outcome of this one.
Agree Mia, I sell Large Vintage items and many are not available to Internation buyers b/c of the high shipping cost. I would be livid if this would have occured to me, more so in the fact that both Etsy and Pay Pal are secure sites that we trust ???
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:20 am Aug 12, 2012 EDT
the ship to address on the etsy invoice is a non- US address?

have you relisted that listing to double check and make sure the shipping is set to US only? maybe you accidentally set it to everywhere for that listing?

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