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HELP! Items not relevant in search results for primary search term

Practically every title, tag and description in my shop contains the word seaglass or sea glass. For most listings it is the very first word of the title. I list and renew items often and get reasonable views. Despite all of this when I enter the search terms sea glass or seaglass I have to click well past page 20 before I come across an item from my shop. Please help, I think there must be glitch or something with my shop. In the past I have always been able to find my items within the first two pages of results. Something is not right!

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The new search gives you results from all categories (handmade, vintage, and supplies) so if you used to choose 'supplies' first to see where your items are, you'll need to choose supplies on the top left of the screen to see only supplies. Yours is on page 3, after I look in supplies:
Thanks for your insight. But I still don't really understand how my items could be so low in relevancy for the general search results (when supplies, vintage and handmade categories aren't used). Many of the items that turn up on the front page of the search results are categorized as supplies and have less views than a handful of my listings but still pop up on the first page. For example, I don't understand why this listing is so low in low in relevancy:
Hi there,

Can you give us the exact search terms you use and page you are on when searching for that listing, so we can take a look? Thanks,

well, you'll want to make sure that if you are using 'sea glass' in the title you need to use that in tags. If you use 'sea glass' in the title and seaglass in the tags, you won't be relevant for either. Personally, i would use both spellings in each and every title/tags. That way all of your listings are relevant for both ways
From the etsy home page (www.etsy.com) I type "sea glass" ( but without the quotes) into the search bar and hit search. I am keep the default selection of "all items" on the left side of the page.

I use sea glass in the title and tag of 99% of my items.
Still need help on this! Just ran the same search (the one I described above) with same results.
Hi. My guess is that because the item you posted above has the word Bulk at the front, it will come up early in a search for bulk sea glass but gets mixed in with all other sea glass results when you search for general sea glass. When searching for all items with the term sea glass, we're looking at almost 52,000 items.
Emily, I can see several items in your shop that have 'sea glass' in the title, but you don't have a 2 word tag of 'sea glass'. You need to have both to be relevant for 'sea glass'. The more items that have this requirement in your shop, the better chance you have of being relevant for the search. Also, as mentioned earlier, if every listing has sea glass and seaglass in title and tags, all of your items will be relevant for the search instead of just some of them.
I see what you mean but this one with 158 views and sea glass as first title word and in the tag is also nowhere to be found:


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