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Taste test gave me opposite of my taste!

I take the taste test every so often because the same items show up over and over again. Anyway, lately I've been very deliberate about my choices. In spite of this, I keep getting "items matching my taste" that are pretty much opposite of my taste! I don't get it.

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Inactive Etsy Member 10:31 pm Aug 10, 2012 EDT
that's why I got rid of mine.....
The taste test can only go by the items you choose in it. It could be possible there weren't many choices that actually reflected your taste.
Hi artdi. Sorry about this. Is it suggesting all items with a certain theme or just a collection of items you feel don't match your tastes?
Kind of odd, I had the same results, I actually disliked most of the items shown both times I took the test. I thought it may have been that my tastes were too diverse.
I'd like to know what Etsy has done to confirm the validity of the taste test. Do you have any statistics you can share? If, not, let me report data as it relates to me. I have taken the taste test at least a dozen times. The test returns items matching my taste only about 5% of the time. Moreover about half of that 5% are *already* listed amongst my favorites, which isn't particularly helpful (and strikes me as a pretty glaring bug). Thanks for any light you can shed on this.
same with me...most items that appear I would not touch with a barge pole.
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Inactive Etsy Member 9:27 am Oct 3, 2012 EDT
I take it once in a while, too. I always make sure I hit the Show Different Items (or whatever it is) button if I don't love any of the choices. Sometimes the results are good, but the last time I took it they were just way off. They even included items that were shown to me in the choices at the beginning, but that I didn't choose!

I almost think they've made a change that hasn't worked out properly.
Seriously, if anyone has a few minutes, take the test again and jot down the results. It doesn't take much time at all to scroll through 100 items. Simply write down how many of those 100 you would add to your favorites and post the number here (or suggest somewhere else where we should post them). I really would like to know if it's just me. . .
I noticed that my FP taste test items seemed to be changing based on what i'd been viewing on the site. A lot of what I view are related to questions posted here in the forums, not necessarily items that match my taste. I removed my TT for the first time today. I'll take it again to start fresh with stuff that I actually like, hopefully.

But, the tadte test adapting over time is something kinda new. I used to just get the same things in different order, over and over. That was annoying also, but at least I liked most of what I saw.

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