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Weddings section veils

What happened to the 8 pages we had? Now there is only one, is this a bug?

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I see your point, lack of consistency! We're looking into it on this end. Thanks for making the report!!

We've reported this to our Tech team for investigation. Thanks for the reports and your patience everyone.

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Hi Sherrie,

Can you link me to the page you are referring to? Thanks.

We usually have 8 - 9 pages

Hair is also screwed up it usually only has about 12 pages not over 100??
I like the "want to see more search for" thingy at the bottom of the pinteresty page.
I'm all for 167 pages of listings in hair, not that any of my 100's of listings are there anyway but the 1 page of veils (where a large portion of the items aren't even veils) is a problem.
Hi Sherrie,

When did you see 8 pages listed on that page?

I'll check with the team on whether this is working as intended. Thanks.
AudMod, I have the same thing as Sherrie. When you are in the Weddings section looking at the magazine style page, if you click on Bridal Accessories and then Veils, it brings up a page with 70 listings. Then there's a bit of space at the bottom and the question "Want to see more? Search for veils" in which "search for veils" is a link. The link pulls up search results for Handmade > Weddings > Veil (5,000+).

I can save us all time here -- its a test, and a pretty stupid one. It makes you click twice to see the Veil search results, when you should only have to click once (the question, "want to see more - click veils" begs the response, "yeah, duh, that's why I clicked on veils in the first place").

But whatevs, no one cares what we think. Tell the boys to carry on tinkering. I fully expect that they'll find that in this test people with the new format clicked xx% more, and declare it a success.
Here, I'ma gonna help you out -

Hey Everyone,

Just jumping in to let you all know that some of you have encountered a product we have recently been testing. Occasionally, we test new products and tools on a small percentage of visitors to Etsy. This test is conducted to gather information and feedback on how they work. From this data, we can develop the product to the best of our ability.

If we learn anything valuable from an experiment and decide to make changes to the site, we will openly announce these changes, often on the Etsy News Blog, the Forums, or through other channels.

If you are a seller encountering this experiment, we recommend that you do not change your normal selling processes, as again the experiment is only exposed to a small percentage of visitors.

Let us know if you have additional feedback on this experiment, you can always send it to support@etsy.com, or leave it here on the Forums!

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